If You Do Not Have The King James Bible You Do Not Have The Holy Ghost  [Video]

Wescott/Hort aka Nestle-Aland modern 'bibles' utterly rejected by the Holy Ghost

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[*note: The Holy Ghost is named in 89 verses in the KJV but 90 times total - Acts 19:2 is 2x. Interesting thing about this verse: It is from the book of Acts account of the apostle Paul's encounter with a group of "about twelve" men in Ephesus who knew only "John's baptism" - they had never heard "whether there be any Holy Ghost". Which is exactly what happens to users of so-called modern-versions.  (Acts 19:1-4, 5-7) ]

Video from: The Holy Ghost The Original King-James-Only -- No King James, No Holy Ghost!

Compare also: According To The ESV, NASB, NKJV, NIV, Etc. The Gospel Message Is 'Foolishness' And 'Folly' - Danger Danger "The message of the gospel is foolishness and folly? Yes yes it is true. The message of the gospel is foolishness and folly and God is pleased. The 'bible' says so...if that is...you will believe the Westcott-Hort aka Nestle-Aland so-called modern bible versions. The gospel message is foolishness and folly - it says so right in 1 Corinthians 1:21..."

Rev. 18:4
Said the apostle Paul: 2Cor. 2:17 "For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God..."

Isaiah 40:4 Prophecy: This Crooked World Will Never Be Made Straight...Until The Return Of The Lord Jesus Christ - Handel's Messiah

From Handel's Messiah (Paul Elliot) a short clip from the third song or 'piece' - Isaiah 40:4 prophecy:

This world is hopelessly crooked, and being made more crooked than ever now, purposely. And the simple fact is that there is only one way this world can ever be put right. It will never happen otherwise. That one way is at the return of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Isaiah 40:4 is bible prophecy speaking to this event - at which time:

Isaiah 40:4 'Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain'

Mountains and hills made low speaks of what will be done with the corrupt and godless kingdoms of men; valleys exalted speaks of the fulfillment of another prophecy - when the "meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace" [Ps. 37:11]

Not everybody believes bible prophecy. Makes no difference. As the next verse (Isaiah 40:5) declares .. 'for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it':

(5) 'And the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it" - Isa. 40:5
Note: Isaiah 40:4-5 refers to the '2nd coming' of the Lord Jesus Christ. The glory of the LORD will be seen then by all the world. This was not the case at the first advent of the Saviour Jesus when the "princes of the world...crucified the Lord of glory" - 1Cor. 2:8. At his second advent every eye shall see it - Rev. 1:7. The 'rapture' of the church is not considered here. The 'rapture' is before, the '2nd coming' is after, the 'time of tribulation' [Matt. 24:21]. The meek that will inherit the earth is not the NT church. This primarily refers to an elect remnant of Jews whom the LORD shall bring through to be, as the Word of God teaches, the beginning of a converted Israel - Isaiah 65:9; as well to those among the nations whom the LORD shall preserve alive through this time of Jacob's trouble - Matt. 25:31-34. To these belong an earthly inheritance. The NT church has not been called to an earthly inheritance but to a heavenly - Eph. 2:4-6, Hebrews 3:1. It's a one-time chance for the heavenly inheritance. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.
Isaiah 9:6 'For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder...'


Gospel Coalition Leaders Keller, Dever Launch 'Gay Inclusiveness' Survey For Churches (False-Gospel Coalition That Is)

excerpted from much longer (informative with a lot of background) article:
Mark Dever & Tim Keller [Gospel Coalition] Call For Churches to Promote Neo-Marixst LGBT Agenda Inclusive Survey


In America, the Evangelical leadership of Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, Tim Keller, The Gospel Coalition, The Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission [ERLC] of The Southern Baptist Convention have lately presumed to take on the task of remodeling God’s design for the family. They now attack the “Idolatry of Family” and assert we must replace it with an inclusive and expanding village Church family. In America, the end of innocence may be at hand, bringing God’s judgement with it. Let us look soberly at where we have arrived in the parade of exhausting and relentless forced conversations and endless conferencing led by the court jesters we have allowed in leadership.

In October 2018, the ERLC and Russell Moore will host in Dallas the “Cross Shaped Family Conference” to which he has invited as speaker Sam Allberry, the self-professed and ever popular SSA/ Gay Priest of the Church of England. Allberry is co-founder of a ministry called “Living Out” for Gay Christians and views the nuclear family as lacking what he believes the affirming church will bring to it . In 2014 Allberry asserted the Revoice activist /Fishburn replacement theology for the “Idol ” of the Nuclear Family version in an interview with The Reformed Reader”

Freshly off their promotion of the radical Revoice Conference* and hosting of Tim Keller and his wife Kathy for a “Gay Christianity” extravaganza in London, Living Out stepped into the global spotlight to promote a Church Audit for LGBTQ+ Inclusion as its conference legacy:

“At our Identity in Christ conference with Tim & Kathy Keller in June 2018 we launched our Living Out Church Audit – a tool to help church leadership teams answer this key question: how biblically inclusive is your church?

10 statements to help you audit your church family:

'Living Out' carefully worded deceptive leading open-ended question/statements false-gospel dialectic gay audit

This post is a follow up on: 'Gospel Coalition' - Piper, Chandler, Keller, Carson, Lutzer - Counsel "Folding" Homosexuals Into Churches 7-11-12 "The so-called Gospel Coalition, led by Piper, Chandler, Keller, Carson, and Lutzer has determined that homosexuals, unrepentant, unregenerate, openly defiant of God's eternal word in refusing to acknowledge their sin, should be "folded into our churches"... The reason given for this decision - as the story goes - is because they said...'you're evil if you don't let us'. Oh no, not that. -- The very fact that these professed leaders of the 'Christian community' would actually meet to convene a "panel on homosexuality" is the height of absurdity in the first place. And to give as the reason for meeting that "Christianity is deemed evil for opposing homosexuality" is even more ludicrous. And to then concede on that point and 'open the doors', as it were, so that they can come in and get comfortable and see that 'we're not evil' is unimaginable..except for the reality that the outward professing church of 2012 is absolutely apostate..." [see post]
As seen with the 'follow up' post linked directly above dated 7-11-12, six years ago, the so-called 'Gospel' Coalition - or better the False-gospel Coalition - including Tim Keller et al. have been at work on this agenda for quite a while. What was started then 2012 with a soft sell, is now advanced 2018 to the hard sell. Which is to say now out in the open and forcing the doors. Note: For any church or believer to even take the 'audit' - even if to oppose each point - is to validate it. To acknowledge it in any way is to enter into the sodomite-dialectic, and once entered, to eventually succumb to it. Point by point compromise is gained until the end-goal is achieved. The dialectic always wins, participants only go along for the ride whether they realize it or not. Note: the Word of God is not up for 'discussion' so it can be "revoiced", it is simply to be proclaimed.

*see also: July 26-28, 2018 "REVOICE Conference": Plague Spreading 7-17-18 "Sodomite infestation of apostate 'christendom' spreading like the plague... The name ['REVOICE' (Isa. 5:20)] makes the agenda very clear. The conference description on the main page of their website lays it right out in no uncertain terms:  "Revoice 2018 -- Supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian, same-sex-attracted, and other LGBT Christians..." [see post]

Consider carefully any still involved in the outward-professing church-world of Laodicea the sodomites are out of the closet now [Gen. 19:4-5] and you may be gay-audited one of these days. Recommend throwing it in the trash and finding the door before the brimstone and fire starts raining down [Jude 7].

Rev. 18:4
Galatians 1:9 ' As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed'


Follow Up On "Is New Miss America Transgender?": New 'Miss' America Says 'Miss America' Should Allow Trans

New MA 2.0: "...there was nothing that asked me if I was a trans" [evidently not]
Miss America Says Transgender Women Should Be Allowed To Compete

Nia Imani Franklin, representing New York state, was crowned the 98th Miss America in Atlantic City on September 9...The North Carolina native is making the media rounds and opened up about the ban against transgender women competing in the competition.

Franklin responded, “That’s something I haven’t given a lot of thought to. I could see the organization may be going into a different direction in the future, but at this time our goal is just to focus on women who want to further their education.”

She continued, “If trans women want to compete I think they should be able to — that’s not something I think we are really putting too much emphasis on as far as, ‘Are you trans? Check this box’ when you compete. When I competed, in my application, there was nothing that asked me if I was a trans woman or not, so we’re definitely not discriminating.”

This post is a follow up on: Is The New 'Miss' America Nia "I-MAN"-i Franklin A Transgender? - If It's A Man Body It's A Man 9-11-18

Miss America 2.0 not femail but mail? Does it get any more 'plain sight'... [see post]

Question: How many real women beauty pageant contestants would ever say... 'oh yes we want to compete against castrated boys with breast implants pretending to be girls'?  Answer: Ummm...none.

Rev. 18:4

Trump To Text Your Phone Oct. 3: First-Ever 'Presidential Alert' System Begins - All Carriers No Opt Out

[Note: Date change from September 20 to October 3]

Because you never know, could be a fake meteorite, or smart fire, or purposely caused dam break, or tsunami-bomb, or msm virtual hurricane, or whatever, and we might have to notify you to evacuate...
FEMA to test 'Presidential Alert' system next week

[excerpted] President Donald Trump may soon be communicating with you directly on your phone...Next Thursday, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will do its first test of a system that allows the president to send a message to most U.S. cellphones.

More than 100 mobile carriers, including all the major wireless firms, are participating in the roll out

The test message will have a header that reads "Presidential Alert," according to the agency.

Users whose phones are on will twice hear a tone and vibration and then see an English-only (for now) message: "THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

The wireless emergency alerts (WEA) system was authorized by Congress in 2015 under a law that states the "system shall not be used to transmit a message that does not relate to a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster or threat to public safety." *

**The test is supposed to take place at 2:18 p.m. EDT on Sept. 20 [moved to Oct. 3]. Under the Warning, Alert, and Response Network (WARN) Act of 2006, cellphone users cannot opt out of the presidential alerts.

re: 'first test...of a system'

"First test of a system" that allows a president to send messages directly to peoples cellphones...with no opt out. If this is not '1984' then what is. More than 100 mobile carriers including all major wireless companies all connected in this system...and under the control of...'the government'.


First The Guns, Now The 'Knife Psyop': Endless Fake Knife-Attack Stories, Making Knives Illegal Begins Now In UK

The Agenda is Defenseless-ness:
Crime Wave UK: Govt Moves to Stop Knife Sales as Blade Crime Hits 7-Year High

[excerpted] Rory Stewart, the justice minister, said: “Knife crime is horrifying – it causes catastrophic damage to families with tragic consequences. We need sentences that punish anyone who commits knife crime and deters anyone from doing it in the future.

“But we will continue to do more and through the government’s Serious Violence Strategy, we are also working to prevent young people from ever picking up a knife in the first place.”

With calls to ban kitchen knife sales on the basis that domestic food preparation does not require chef-sharp tools and stores voluntarily taking knives off the shelves, the United Kingdom already takes a much stricter approach to sharp objects than most other Western nations, with authorities earlier this year arresting a man for carrying a potato peeler in a public place “without reasonable excuse”.

In June, insisting there is more to be done to crack down on knife sales, the government also introduced new legislation which would make it illegal to deliver bladed items bought online.

But, warning the Offensive Weapons bill is overly draconian and would prevent hobbyists from ordering harmless wood-carving tools online, for example, businesses have said the law would inflict serious damage on smaller companies.

re: 'we will continue to do more and more...calls to ban kitchen knife sales'

Totalitarianism means absolute total control over the populations. Disarming the public is necessary to achieve the goal. At this point most are fully aware of the gun-grabbing aspect of this goal, but there is much more to the plan than guns only. No, the goal is not to just take the guns away, the goal is to to render the populations completely defenseless.

Ever stop to wonder why the sudden out-of-nowhere dramatic increase of 'knife-attack' horror-stories reported by the msm news creators aka the Zwo Bureau of Propaganda over the last year or two (or three)?

Well, now you know. Removing all possible means of self-defense from the 'serfdom' is mission critical to the would-be earth-controlling totalitarianists. The minion-classes must be completely and absolutely subdued.

So, to further accomplish this, the next phase...the Knife-Psyop...was launched. And is ongoing. One after another after another. Endless knife attack news stories, in all countries, and quick as can be...knives now have to go too...say the would-be zio-kingdom-kome totalitarian-gang manufacturing all things to achieve the dream-lusion.

Knife-less minionry - UK leading the way (as usual).

Know about it - defenseless-ness is the plan for all everywhere.

Rev. 18:4
Micah 2:1 'Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand '


MSM Virtual Storms: Weather Channel Caught Faking Hurricane Florence, Tries To Explain; New Bern NC Storm Surge "Like a Bomb Went Off" [Videos]

Follow up on: MSM Virtual-Storms And Hurricane 'Florence' - And Geoengineered "Storm Surges", Floods - Agenda 21 Cui Bono 9-13-18 "But is it Real or an MSM virtual storm (existing on the tv-screen only) - that fizzles out at the last moment into a normal seasonal-type storm ...although massive destruction still occurs ...which means that the destruction must be actually geoengineered i.e. man-made ...for example opening dams reservoirs etc. for controlled flooding of targeted areas that sort of thing ...which means that the incredible hyperbolic storm-hype would have to have been just the cover to permit the geoengineered devastation ...which do note always advances known Agenda 21 goals ...speaking of which man-made mini-tsunamis - which the MSM fiction-writers have scientifically-termed "storm surges" (even though such a thing is not possible [see below full post]) - obviously are very efficient in that respect with regard to coastal areas ...hence the reason for the now endless MSM Virtual Storms-of-a-lifetimes (plural). Beware the storm-surge story. Be not virtual-lie-zed..." [see post]
MSM Caught Faking Hurricane Florence, Attempts 'Explanation'; And New Bern NC Neuse River Storm Surge "Like A Bomb Went Off"

First two videos: (1) Viral video MSM caught faking Hurricane 'Florence' coverage; and (2) [below] official MSM attempt to explain away the virtual-reality fakery (some language):

1. Weather Channel reporter cannot stand in hurricane 'Florence' - while locals casually stroll around in background:

[note during this little scene headline across bottom of screen '600,000 without power' - is the whole thing a mock - hidden-in-plain-sight - 'telling' that the whole thing is geoengineered?]

2. MSM (CNN) attempt to 'explain' defend virtual-reality Weather Channel propaganda:


Next two videos: Man-made storm surges? Mini-tsunami bombs that is:

New Bern North Carolina supposedly got "an epic storm surge" - reportedly came up out of a river. How? Short video is titled "Fake Green Screen Reporting on Hurricane Florence":


MSM Virtual-Storms And Hurricane 'Florence' - And Geoengineered "Storm Surges", Floods - Agenda 21 Cui Bono

Below is an excerpted post from about two years ago 10-7-16 ..because the scenario this week with so-called killer-Hurricane Florence about to wipe out areas on the East Coast USA is a repeat plotline-script: unprecedented monster "storm of a lifetime" with massive coastline-destroying "storm-surge" predicted etc. etc.. But is it Real or an MSM virtual storm (existing on the tv-screen only) - that fizzles out at the last moment into a normal seasonal-type storm ...although massive destruction still occurs ...which means that the destruction must be actually geoengineered i.e. man-made ...for example opening dams reservoirs etc. for controlled flooding of targeted areas that sort of thing ...which means that the incredible hyperbolic storm-hype would have to have been just the cover to permit the geoengineered devastation ...which do note always advances known Agenda 21 goals ...speaking of which man-made mini-tsunamis - which the MSM fiction-writers have scientifically-termed "storm surges" (even though such a thing is not possible [see below full post]) - obviously are very efficient in that respect with regard to coastal areas ...hence the reason for the now endless MSM Virtual Storms-of-a-lifetimes (plural). Beware the storm-surge story. Be not virtual-lie-zed:

[10-7-16] Why 'Hurricane Matthew' Unprecedented "Storm Surge" Hype? Man-Made Storm Surges For Agenda 21 Goals?

Storm surge - storm surge - storm surge - everywhere you turn it's "storm surge". No escaping it. To the point of being a chant. Without question storm-surge hype has been taken to a whole new level this week with the massively hyped mysterious-acting "Hurricane Matthew". As evidenced by the posted article below and video, the hype has now even become a national educational campaign to instruct the public-at-large on the danger of "storm surges":
What You Need to Know About Hurricane Matthew's Storm Surge

Hurricane Matthew is forecast to bring potentially devastating storm surge today from Cape Canaveral, Florida, all the way to Charleston, South Carolina, according to forecasts.

The National Weather Service warned that Florida could see storm surges worse than the devastation New Jersey and New York saw during the deadly Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

[Note the nephilim/giant imagery used in the below video: msm story-teller Zee standing on the continent, larger than the storm - gods on earth is the subtle message intended - Isaiah 10:33]

"Storm surge is basically water piling up along the shore ahead of, and inside, the hurricane," ABC News meteorologist Ginger Zee said.

"Many of you will remember Hurricane Sandy, where initially people thought this doesn't look as bad as we thought [msm virtual storm] and then suddenly you get massive storm surge and a lot of people were severely affected..."

Don't worry about hurricanes - all you need to know is that storm surges
are real - so when the hurricane misses but your coastal community is
washed away by a 20-foot wall of water - it was a "storm surge"
"How is it that until only relatively recently no one had ever heard of a "storm surge". Hurricanes had come and gone over the past decades but never was there any mention of any thing called a storm surge...or the tsunami-like after effects. But now suddenly 'storm surges' up to 20 feet should be considered as normally occurring with a hurricane - the people of planet earth are told. It's the leading edge of the storm you see, it causes the water to build up and then inundate the shoreline. Never mind that this sort of thing never happened before though - they are going to be happening all the time from now on....and this everybody must understand.

Can a hurricane really displace water? Wind blowing across the surface of the ocean can certainly create large surf, but large surf, even very large surf, does not displace water. Large storm-surf hitting the beach does not inundate entire communities. Only water that is displaced in large volumes at once can move ashore far enough and with enough volume to inundate communities..."

"Cui bono? Most interesting thing about all this is that inundated coastlines, it just so happens, are very Agenda 21 helpful..."
[coastal living is Agenda 21 prohibited - these areas must be cleared]

"Coastal areas wiped out? Don't think twice storm surge storm surge - whether or not the ridiculously-heavily msm-hyped Monster-Storm itself ever even hits land. Doesn't matter peoples, the 'storm surge' can still come. This is the new-normal in Agenda21-takeover land globalettes. That is what you are to believe at least..."

read full >>


see also:

Up To 17-Times More "Storm Surges" The 'New Normal' Says New Published Study; Or Agenda 21 Geoengineered? 10-10-16

Video: Fake-Cane Lane: Honolulu Mayor Calls 'Hurricane Lane' An "Exercise" After It Does Impossible U-Turn [MSM Virtual Storm] 8-26-18
9-15-18 update: MSM Virtual Storms: Weather Channel Caught Faking Hurricane Florence, Tries To Explain; New Bern NC Storm Surge "Like a Bomb Went Off" [Videos]

Rev. 18:4


Is The New 'Miss' America Nia "I-MAN"-i Franklin A Transgender? - If It's A Man Body It's A Man

[updated 9-13]  Is the new 'Miss' America a natural-born female or a transgender.

It is a fair question. As most know the Miss America pageant underwent a major 'transformation' itself this year by banning swimsuits i.e bikinis. Miss America 2.0 they are calling it now. The "2.0" signifying the new type of 'woman' being created for the planned new-world-order no doubt. Tower of Babel 2.0 certainly is what is being attempted. The newly crowned 'Miss America 2.0' went on record after the fact stating happy agreement with the new policy:

Miss America 2019 Nia Franklin likes competition's changes, especially no swimsuits
[10-10-18] “After weeks of competition, Nia Imani Franklin earned the Miss America 2019... Miss America 2.0,” as it was rebranded this year ...eliminated the controversial swimwear portion for the first time in its 98-year history...Franklin welcomed this year’s changes and told the Associated Press she was glad the swimsuit competition was eliminated...” [2nd source: photos]

One thing about bikinis is they do reveal all. New Miss America wore one a year and a few months back though - apparently in the Miss NC contest - seen in this image:

Natural born female or transgender? It is this photo [source] that makes that a fair question.

Does that torso look male or female? Very straight lines from the hip, strong 'V' shape. No hourglass at all (new Miss America 2.0 also seems to have rather large feet). Below is a crop of the image giving a closer look [slight photo edit removing side strap of bikini top to show back line]:

Looks unarguably male - straight 'V' shape from point of hip (zero curve), square shoulders. What about a comparison with a male:

9/11 Day It All Changed - As Planned: Johnny Bravo Cartoon 4-27-01; Ground Zero Eye-Of-Horus At 1st 9-11 Memorial

Originally posted 2013:

Johnny Bravo 9/11 Message On 4-27-2001

9-11 foretold on 4-27-01: coming soon

Events foretold through symbolism found in movies and other sources? Clip below shows cartoon character referring to a movie he just saw, saying:

[:43] "for your information it was rich in symbolism"

...just moments before the camera pans very quickly [:52] across what could be seen as 9-11 symbolism:

Compare: Randy 'Macho Man' Savage, Hulk Hogan Foretell 9/11 In 1989: "You're Going To See The Twin Towers Come Crumbling Down" 7-26-13 Youtube- "But I'm telling you something right now [1989]...they may be earthquake proof, they may be typhoon proof, they may be tidal wave proof, but when the mega powers, the strongest force in the universe goes against the twin towers, it's going to be like a faultline going right through their foundation, and the richter scale is going to spin around 42 times, go into orbit, and you're going to see the twin towers come crumbling down..."

Ground Zero Eye-of-Horus During The First 9/11 Memorial Service [video 2-6-09]

"for your information it was rich in symbolism"

Rev. 18:4

Psalms 59:7 'Behold, they belch out with their mouth: swords are in their lips: for who, say they, doth hear?'



2018 Look Again: 9/11 Hollywood Knew - Hid It In 'Plane' Sight Over And Over Pre-2001 Movies Cartoons WWF etc.

[First posted 2015]

Hidden in plain (plane) sight! 9/11 must be the epitome of the cabalist-creed. Hollywood has been 'telling on themselves' for many long years. The images below represent the proof of this very fact. Plain as day! Many have seen most of these images/video more than a few times, nevertheless 'always remembering' is necessary. The alternative is ZNWO-inflicted mindlessness. The images below are just a relatively small sample of the Hollywood pre-tells that surround the September 11, 2001 day of infamy. How many does it take though? Especially when they say it straight up to the whole world...like Hulk Hogan and Randy Macho Man Savage did twelve years before the day:

Hulk Hogan, Randy 'Macho Man' Savage 1989 "...you're going to see the twin towers come crumbling down"

Clip reportedly dates from 1989 - a WWF event featuring a Tag Team match where the "Mega Powers", viz. legends Hulk Hogan and Randy 'Macho Man' Savage, were to face two opponents named "The Twin Towers"

:02 "Do you want to know how powerful the megapowers are?"

:08 "Everybody knows the Twin Towers are big strong high buildings, larger than any buildings in New York City..."

:20 "But I'm telling you something right now [1989]...they may be earthquake proof, they may be typhoon proof, they may be tidal wave proof, but when the mega powers, the strongest force in the universe goes against the twin towers, it's going to be like a faultline going right through their foundation, and the richter scale is going to spin around 42 times, go into orbit, and you're going to see the twin towers come crumbling down..."

And then...they did:

Supertramp album cover "Breakfast In America" 1979 on left - reversed on right sending a little message,
complete w/OJ fireball; view is looking out the window of a plane - keeping with the 9/11 theme apparently

Spiderman comic book 1976Sesame Street 1976

2018 Still Undeniable Reality Of 9/11 - Jet Fuel Cannot Melt Steel: Compelling 90 Minute Video "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions"

Reposted - Excellent video worth seeing again or for the first time - 9/11 the day it all changed - the truth of what was done that infamous day 9-11-2001 must never be surrendered

The video is titled "9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions". Is this video worth ninety minutes of close attention? Answer: Definitely. Perhaps more than once even. 9/11 changed the world but the 'official account' of what transpired that infamous day is simply not possible. Most are fully aware of this reality at this point now fourteen [17] years later - but still not all. Either way this particular video is a powerful compilation of "demolition" facts [proving that only a controlled demolition could account for the free-fall collapse of the 'Twin Towers'] and for that reason worth viewing in it's entirety - full screen recommended. (One side note: Some strange medieval-sounding (en)chanting/music [no telling what the words are] - some of it by a children's choir - in a few spots)
26:25 "Explosives had to have been breaking the joints ahead of the falling rubble"

29:05 "The one from the top which was actually seconds after...uh...was heard very far away...the one at the basement was pretty loud and you felt your actual feet moving with the floor...



Judy Garland 47 found dead? NY Times 6-23-69 supposedly placed by workers inside
the WTC structure during construction, and then 'found' in the massive wreckage of 9/11
"Judy Garland, 47, found dead"? In passing, this one is too strange to not take note. How did Judy Garland make it into the official 9/11 narrative, and why with a story about the day of her death? As stated in the above video, construction workers do in fact sometimes put little 'time-capsules' into structures as they build them just for fun even though for the most part no one will ever see them. Perhaps it is possible that this could have been done with this particular NY Times newspaper, but what are the chances that it not only survived the incredible 9/11 destruction, but then out of the massive piles of rubble it was somehow recovered in near perfect condition. Slim to none to zero has to be the answer to that question. What the 9/11 connection might be though who can say. No question that Judy Garland even to this day has some sort of iconic Hollywood-type cult-fascination attached to her, but what would that have to do with 9/11? Could it be something to do with the 'Wizard of Oz' maybe? Or perhaps some sort of dark phoenix-like resurrection-ritual of Judy Garland/Dorothy from the ashes? Whatever the case though, for whatever reason, when the towers went down on September 11, 2001, strangely, the death of Judy Garland was connected to the event. Just noting.

Feats of engineering required to implode massive skyscrapers: One Two Three Four Five Six. Done
They advertised it long ago;

see: Hulk Hogan, Randy 'Macho Man' Savage 1989 '...you're going to see the twin towers come crumbling down' -- "[Macho Man WWF event interview before a Tag Team match where the "Mega Powers", viz. legends Hulk Hogan and Randy 'Macho Man' Savage, were to face two opponents named "The Twin Towers":] "But I'm telling you something right now [1989]...they may be earthquake proof, they may be typhoon proof, they may be tidal wave proof, but when the mega powers, the strongest force in the universe goes against the twin towers, it's going to be like a faultline going right through their foundation, and the richter scale is going to spin around 42 times, go into orbit, and you're going to see the twin towers come crumbling down..." [see post, video]

Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 7:11 'Behold, even I have seen it, saith the LORD'

TSA 2017 Plan Facial Recognition At All US Airports Now Underway - Dulles International (VA) Begins -- Video

Officials unveil new facial recognition system at Dulles International Airport

[excerpted]  "...officials on Thursday unveiled a new system that eventually will replace boarding passes with facial scans for international travelers at Washington Dulles International Airport.

Instead of pulling out their passports and handing over a boarding pass, travelers will instead have their faces scanned...then be matched with a collection of photos maintained by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency.

"CBP and our airport and airlines partners are redefining travel by using biometric technology to add convenience, efficiency and security to international arrivals and departures,” CBP Commissioner Kevin K. McAleenan said at the event, which included a demonstration of the new technology.

Dulles... is one of several airports using scans ...But civil liberties groups and privacy advocates fear that the technology is too intrusive and could be misused...

The technology is already being used by two international carriers at Dulles — SAS and Air France-KLM...United Airlines is also using the technology on select international flights.

U.S. citizens can opt out of being photographed, but non-U.S. citizens are required to have their pictures taken. Images of U.S. citizens are held for 12 hours and then discarded. Travelers who declined to have their faces scanned will have their identity confirmed manually..."


This post is a follow up on: TSA Announces Next Move: Facial Recognition At All U.S. Airports - TSA The 9/11 Ordo-Ab-Chao Baby 11-13-17 "...the TSA Modernization Act, introduced earlier this fall, includes a provision that would allow the agencies to deploy “biometric technology at checkpoints, screening lanes, bag drop and boarding areas, and other areas where such deployment would enhance security and facilitate passenger movement.” The Senate Commerce Committee approved the TSA bill in October ... These agencies aren’t just collecting biometrics for their own use; they are also sharing them with other agencies like the FBI and with “private partners” to be used in ways that should concern travelers. For example, TSA’s PreCheck program has already expanded outside the airport context. The vendor for PreCheck, a company called Idemia (formerly MorphoTrust), now offers expedited entry for PreCheck-approved travelers at concerts and stadiums across the country ... We cannot overstate how big a change this will be in how the federal government regulates and tracks our movements or the huge impact this will have on privacy and on our constitutional “right to travel” and right to anonymous association with others..." [see post, video]

Compare also eleven-month back post/video: NHL, LPGA Beginning Facial Recognition For Sports Events, Claim 'Terrorism' The Reason - Totalitarianism Real Reason 10-21-17 "NEC [private company]: (2:40) '...orchestrating a brighter 'totalitarian' world'..."

The 'follow up' linked above (1st link) was only ten months ago. It was an announcement of the TSA intent to roll out facial recognition at all US airports. Clearly that 'airport rollout' has now begun. Running the 'sheep'-le through the counting gates. The posted video makes that very evident. Mandatory for non-citizens on international travel here at the outset, optional for US citizens (presently) - many doubtless who will go along without a second thought for the sake of perceived 'convenience'.

Where does it stop? It does not obviously - until the 'sheeple' are literally branded [link] with the mark of ownership - a 666 that is [Rev. 13:16-17].

This is how it is getting there.

Interesting to note also Walmart recently installed new self-checkout machines in some stores that put a video of the customer on the screen while making the purchase. This obviously ties a photo to any debit or credit card information (as well all purchases made credit or cash) - photo and linked info no doubt then feeding into the overall ('beast') system now being created.

Be fully informed...they want to 'brand' you...like a cattle [goy]!

Rev. 18:4
Rev. 13:18 'Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six'


Miss America 2019 [9-9-18] No Bikinis, Gowns About Eliminating Femininity - Androgynous-Tranny 666 ZNWO

Reposted from 6-5-18 - as the deification-of-man delusion makes another major move, a world-changing move in reality, in two days Sept. 9 @ 9pm (999) - moving to eliminate femininity:

'Miss America' Ends Swimsuits, Evening Gowns: Now To Be Miss 'Baphomet-World-Order' America ...Date/Time A '666'

Miss America is scrapping its swimsuit competition, will no longer judge based on physical appearance

[6-5-18] Miss America is scrapping its swimsuit competition and will no longer judge contestants based on physical appearance, the organization announced Tuesday.

In place of the swimsuit portion of the competition, Miss America contestants will now take part in a live interactive session with the judges, according to the organization.

The organization is also getting rid of the evening gown portion of the competition and instead asking contestants to wear attire that makes them feel confident and expresses their personal style.

"We are now open, inclusive and transparent and I want to inspire thousands of young people across this country to come and be a part of our program," she said.

The 2019 Miss America Competition airs live on ABC on Sunday, Sept. 9, at 9 p.m. EST.

re: inspire thousands of young people

[6-5-18] This story is all over the www but just a couple of things in passing. Plain to see what is going on here - it's exactly the same thing that just went on with the newly reorganized 'non-boy' scouts [link]. Notice the above quote "inspire thousands of young people". They did not say young women but young people. That throws the door wide open for anything. Gender expression/identity - whatever you say - so it is - don't worry about anything you too can be the next 'Miss America'. Don't even have to shave your beard if you don't want to.

Obviously a so-called 'female-identifying' bio-male could never pull off a bikini w/heels on the big stage without inducing a collective gag-reflex from viewers nationwide so that has to go...and of course can't have the traditional evening gown competition because that is just soooo gender stereotypical which is to say waaaay too feminine - and feminine, like masculine, is of course a mortal enemy to androgyny and trannyism which is what it is all about in the new-baphomet-world-order and plainly we can't have all those real girls exuding all that horrible real femininity all over the place that wouldn't be fair so clearly all of that just has to go.

Lastly note the date and time - - a little nod to the old serpent little-g tranny-god baphomet himself: Sept 9 at 9 p.m. is 9/9 at 9 .. or 999. Which surprise surprise makes a real neat little 666.

Revelation 13:4 'And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they
worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?'
Truly this world is run by devils - Eph. 6:12
Compare: Super Bowl 52 To Be A Baphomet-Transgender Ritual As 'Pink' To Sing National Anthem - 'Adonis Belt' Is Trans-Proof 2-1-18

also: 'Women's' Gymnastics Sex-Abuse A Massive Transgender-Pedophile Baphomet Psyop - e.g. 'Aly Raisman' (Raise Man) 1-20-18

- - -
Compare also - eliminating masculinity:

War on the alpha-male NY fashion 2017 men as women [and: new Ken doll; Connick Jr.]

Rev. 18:4
9-11-18 update: Is The New 'Miss' America Nia "I-MAN"-i Franklin A Transgender? - If It's A Man Body It's A Man
Matthew 23:33 'Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?'



Audio: Jeremiah Burroughs 1654 'Exceeding Sinfulness Of Sin' - Sixt Part 'He That Committeth Sin Is Of The Devil' 1Jn 3:8

[Reposted - video restored, audio redone*]

Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646) - One of the 'Puritans' - well regarded in his day, by his writings is still today. Clip is excerpted from his book entitled 'The Evils of Evils, Or, The Exceeding Sinfulness Of Sin' published 1654. Very few audio resources of Jeremiah Burroughs online, or printed in readable-text format even. This is a rare thing in other words. Historical even. *Clip is a robo-voice - MS 'David' - slightly speeded up, tone lowered - definitely 'listenable to'. And worth the time - 17:25 min. It is the unedited original, meaning it has not been 'modernized', which makes all the difference. Very practical, very applicable, and depending on the hearer, may be very impactful. Below video in scrolling window is the unedited text retaining the original spelling and punctuation. Note-warning for whomsoever: Burroughs was NOT the Joel Osteen of the 17th century.
The Sixt part - Sin makes a man conformable to the Devil, opened in Six Particulars




Sin makes a man conformable to the Devil, opened in Six Particulars.

First, Sin is of the same Nature with the Devil.
Secondly, Sin is from the Devil.
Thirdly, Sin is a furtherance of the Devils Kingdom in the World: For
1 By Sin we oppose Christs destroying the Devils Kingdom in the World.
2 By Sin thou opposest thy prayers when thou prayest, Thy Kingdom come.
3 By going on in a way of sin, thou becomest guilty of all the sin in the World.
Fourthly, Sinning is a fulfilling the will of the Devil.
Fifthly, Sin sells the Soul to the Devil.
Sixtly, Sin, it turns the Soul into a Devil.

The Sixth and Last Demonstration of the Evil of Sin; It is from that reference Sin hath to the Devil.

The Scripture speaks of Afflictions, that they make us conformable to Christ; but Sin makes us conformable to the Devil. There are Six things to be opened about this: I have mentioned the First, which was this, That Sin was of the same Nature with the Devil: every Sin hath the same kind of Malignity in it, that the Devil hath. But,

Secondly, All Sin, it is from the Devil, either Originally, or at least by way of a Cause, helping it forward: Sin is the work of the Devil, not only a joyning with him, but his work: therefore Christ is said to come to dissolve the works of the Devil: Sin is from the Devil, therefore it is said in 1 John 3:8. He that commits sin is of the Devil, for the Devil sinneth from the beginning; and to this purpose the Son of man was manifest, that he might destroy the works of the Devil: He that commits sin is of the Devil, it comes from the Devil. And so John 8:44. Brethren (these things which I speak concerning the reference Sin hath to the Devil, though they may seem hard and harsh, yet) it is to be observed, none speaks so much of Sins coming from the Devil as John, who was of the most loving, sweet Nature of any of the Disciples; and yet when he comes to speak of sin, he speaks of it in the most harsh terms that possibly can be; so that it comes not from harshness, but may stand with a loving and sweet Nature to speak of sin in the harshest terms that we can do: for John the most loving, and beloved Disciple of Christ, so full of love; and yet none spake so harshly of sin, especially in its reference it hath to the Devil, as he saith here, John 8:44. You are of the Devil, and his lust you will do: Thus Sin, the lusts of Sin come from the Devil, and it makes a man or a woman to be the Child of the Devil: So the Scripture is clear it comes from him Originally; all Sin that is in you, is Originally the Spawn of the very Devil himself in your souls; and originally it comes from him: as all Sin originally comes from his temptations and suggestions, so also the Devil helps forward and furthers all sin that is in your souls, this is the evil of it. But here understand this aright,

The Devil is not so the cause of all Sin, as God is the cause of all Grace, not so: It is true, the Devil hath a hand in every Sin, but not such a hand in Sin, as God hath in Grace; for God hath such a hand in the work of Grace, that he doth not only give a principle of Grace, but all the operation of Grace is so from him, as it would never stir but by him, he gives the will to work and do all; the will and the deed are from him: But all Sin is not so from the Devil, though originally it is, and the Devil puts it on; yet we are to know, though the Devil now should tempt no more, yet there is enough in the hearts of men and women to sin against God all manner of sin, even from their own innate corruption that now is in them; if the Devil were destroyed, Sin would not be destroyed: In Grace there is no power to work but by Gods working together with it; but in Sin there is a power to work without the Devils working: though the Devil is forward enough to work with our corruption, yet I say there is corruption enough in our hearts for to work al kind of sin, though the Devil should not tempt us any more; therfore we must not lay all upon the Devil, as many do; when they fall into any wickedness, they will say, this is the Devil, and lay all the fault upon the Devil, and so think to take it off from themselves by laying it upon the Devil: No, know, though the Devil labors to further it what he can, yet there is such corruption in you, that it would stream forth from you though the Devil stir it not at all: therefore charge your own hearts as well as the Devil. In the work of Grace, we must give all the glorie to God; but in the work of Sin, we cannot allot all the fault to the Devil; we are not to take any of the glorie of the work of Grace to our selves, but we are to take a great part, yea, somtimes the greatest part of Sin to our selves: but however the Devil is the cause of Sin originally, and helps forward to it.

Thirdly, All Sin is the furtherance of the Kingdom of the Devil in the World. You know that the Scripture saith, that the Devil is the Prince that rules in the Air, and is called the God of this World, because he rules in the Children of disobedience. There is a Kingdom of the Devil set up by sin in the World, and maintained by sin in the World; it hath a succession in the World by sin: So that all sinners that continue in waies of sin, they do what in them lies to uphold the Kingdom of the Devil in the World, and the Rule of the Devil in the World.

1. Therefore men in sin, are exceeding opposite to the End of Christs coming in the World: for it is Christs End in coming into the world to dissolve the Kingdom of the Devil, as you had it before in 1 John 3:8. It is an especial End why Christ came into the world, for to bring down the Kingdom of the Devil, and yet thou by sinning upholdest the Kingdom of the Devil; so thou dost what in thee lies to oppose and resist the very End of Christs coming into the world. There is very much in this consideration to humble the hearts of all wicked men for sin; thou hast lived in a course of sin it may be many yeers; now Brethren know, the Lord charges thee with this, this day, That all this time that thou hast lived in a course of sin, thou hast done what in thee lies to oppose the End of Christs coming into the World; that if thou couldest thou wouldest hinder the end of the death of Christ, and of all that he hath done: for the especial end why Christ is come into the World, it is to dissolve the work of the Devil; and thou keepest up the work of the Devil.

2. Again, it follows hence, That thou dost directly contradict thy own Prayers: When thou prayest, Thy Kingdom come, in the Lords Prayer, thou prayest there that the Kingdom of Christ might come: but in every way of sin that thou takest liberty in, thou dost oppose the Kingdom of Christ: How dost thou take the Name of God in vain, and mock God in this Prayer? Every wicked man and woman in the world mocks God in praying the Lords Prayer, when they say Thy Kingdom come, and yet live in such waies as upholds the Kingdom of the Devil, instead of the Kingdom of Christ.

3. Yea further, this follows, That by going on in waies of sin, thou comest to be guilty, and standest charged for all the sins that ever were committed in the world: This may seem to be a hard thing, to charge any man or woman that now lives in waies of sin, that by that sin of thine that thou now livest in, thou comest to be guilty of all the sins that ever was done in the world, since the beginning of the world. I undertake to make that good thus; You know the Scripture chargeth those that persecuted the Prophets, as guilty of all the persecution of the Prophets that ever were, all the blood that was shed from Abel to Zacharias shall come upon this Generation, saith Christ; why so? why should all the blood shed from Abel to that time, come upon that Generation?

The Reason is this, Because they continued the succession of that sin of persecution of the Prophets, that as there was a persecution of the Prophets before, so they go on and uphold this succession of that sin. Now by the holding of the succession of a way of sin, we come to be guilty of all that sin that went before: As for example, Suppose there should be Treason against a King or State, by some vile treasonable act; now the Father commits the first act, the Son afterward goeth on in the same way, and his Children come after him, and goeth on in the same way, and their Children after them: now I say, the Children, and the Grand-children, and the great Grand-children, are guilty of the first treasonable act that was committed; why? Because they uphold the succession of the treasonoble act. So now, Sin that was in the beginning of the world, was to bring in the Kingdom of Satan; and the next Generation upheld it, and the next upheld the same, and the next Generation went on the same way; so that every Generation is not only guilty of those particular sins which they commit; but they be guilty of all that went before, because they uphold the succession of the Kingdom of the Devil, and the opposition of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ:

As for instance, Take a scorner of Religion, that is one sin (for we cannot open things but by instancing in particulars) I say, take a scorner of Religion, know thou art not guilty of these acts of scorning only in thy self, but art guilty of all the scorning of Godliness since the beginning of the world; why? Because thou holdest a succession of that way of scorning of Religion. So a Blasphemer may be said to be guilty of all the blasphemies in the world; why? Because he upholds the succession of that way of sinning against God; and so opposing the Kingdom of Christ, and upholding the Kingdom of the Devil. This is the third thing, Sin is the upholding of the Kingdom of the Devil in the World.

Fourthly, A Fourth thing is this, That Sin, it is a fulfilling of the will of the Devil: That is another distinct Consideration, and you shall see that in the opening of it, it will be of distinct use to you: I say, it is a fulfilling the will of the Devil; that place is very famous for that in the 2 Tim. 2:26. That they may recover themselves out of the snare of the Devil, who are taken captive of him at his WILL: There wicked men be taken captive by the Devil at his Will, or to do his Will, so you may reade it: some they be insnared by Satan to do his will, his lusts you do, as Christ speaks: you may think you do your own will in sinning, but certainly you do the will of the Devil as well as your own: As for instance, that of passion and anger Ephesians 4:26. Be angry, but sin not, let not the Sun go down upon your wrath; neither give place to the Devil: you think you give place to your own passion, but you give place to the Devil, and fulfil the will of the Devil: You come by sin to do the Devils drudgery and slavery; you do his work he sets you about, and his will you fulfil. Now for such a Noble Creature as Man is, to come to be a slave of the Devil, that is the lowest now of all Creatures; it must needs be a very dreadful thing; it is an evil to be in slavery to any thing vile or base. I remember I have read a Story of one Gunno, King of the Danes, that having overcome a People, he set a Dog over them to be their Governor; that is thus, he would have all Commands to go out under the name of the Dog, and they should be under the Government of the Dog; this he did in disdain and indignation against those people he overcame.

But now, as he would shew the baseness of that People that he designed to be under a Dog; much more debasement is it for an immortal Soul to be under the Command of the Devil, as all wicked men are under the command of the Devil himself. Thou wilt not fulfil the will of God when it is opened to thee out of his Word and Will, what thou oughtest to do; thou standest out against the Will of God: But now you that think it such a bondage to be obedient to the will of God, you be brought under a worse bondage, you are fain to be obedient to the will of the Devil. And certainly those men and women that think they be at most liberty when they be free from obedience to the Will of God; by that libertie they come to be under bondage, under slavery to the Devil All wicked men that think much to obey God, they must be obedient one way or other; we must be all servants, and obedient either to the Will of God, or the Devil: which is best then? Wicked men think it a brave life that they may have their own will; true, if they might have their own will, they might think it a brave life: but know, you have rather the will of the devil than your own, in that you do his will, you fulfil the will of the devil. To be in slavery, not only to the devil, but to any man, is a great evil, to be at the wil of man, yea, to be at the will of a good man is an evil: I should be loth to live in any such Commonwealth, as that I should be under the will of man in it, any further than might be revealed and bounded by some set Law. The difference between a Slave and a Subject is this,

A Slave is such a one as lives under Arbitrary Government, that is the WILL of such as are in Authority, is their Law, and they are ruled by no other Law but by the Will of such as Govern them, there is no Law set, to know when they shall offend, and when not; but when their Rulers say, this is an offence, that his will is crossed, that is an offence, and they be therefore punished: But now Subjects, they be bound to no obedience to any man, any further than some set Law doth require their obedience; that is a Subject, and that is the very difference between a Slave and a Subject. If men in Authority should command any thing, though good (I mean only indifferent) yet I am not bound in conscience to obey at all, because they command, except it be by a Law, except they command it by a Law: if he command it meerly as his Will, and only say, I Will, here is no tie upon the conscience. It is ordinarie for people to think, if men in Authority command, they will have such a thing done, Oh say they, Authority commands: We deny it, Authority commands nothing but what it commands by a Law; and then we are bound to obey, or to suffer, if it be a Law once: but if it be not a Law, though it should be the will of men in Authority, it doth not bind us at all, till it come to be a Law, any further than there is Equity it self in the thing, in its own Nature: for then doth a People come to be in slavery when they come to be subject to the will of men without a Law. Now Brethren thus; If it be a slavery, and a great evil to be subject to men, though good men, subject to their will, and nothing else, without Law; then what an evil is it to be in subjection and slavery to the will of the devil? meerly at his will? and yet every wicked man is so.

We should account it a very sore thing if we should come under Arbitrary Government, to be subject to the will of men. Now so long as thou remainest under the power of Sin, thou remained under the government of the devil himself; this is a sorer evil than affliction: A man were better live in any Country, though not so fruitful as England, and suffer hardship in his Estate, so he live like a Free man, than to live here, or in any other fruitful Country, and live under Arbitrary Government. This we hope for, not to be under the Wills of men, but the Laws made by them. Then it were better to endure hardship and any affliction, than bear this, to be at the will of the Devil, and fufil his will.

Fifthly, In reference to the devil, Sin hath this evil in it, if it grows to a height, itsels the soul to the Devil: As with Ahab, 1 Kings 21:20 when Elijah met Ahab, Hast thou found me, O my Enemy (saith Ahab)? And he answered, I have found thee, because thou hast SOLD thy self to work evil in the sight of the Lord: Now if he sell himself, he must sell himself to some body, to somwhat, we cannot sell a thing but we must sell it to some body, or to somwhat; now to what must Ahab sell himself? Certainly, to no body but to the devil; he sold himself to work iniquity and wickedness, and wickedness when it comes to the height, is a selling of our selves to the very devil himself. We cry out of those poor, miserable Creatures that sel themselves to the devil, we say, Oh how be they deluded and besotted that sell themselves to the devil? Certainly every wicked man and woman in the world, when sin groweth to the height sell themselves to the devil.

Sixthly and lastly, Sin when it grows to a height, it doth turn the Soul into a Devil; it makes men and women to become Devils, when it grows once to a height: The Scripture is very clear in that; you know what is said concerning Judas, John 6:70. Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a Devil? and so ordinarily the Scripture speaks in this kind of phrase, Revelation 2:10. Fear none of these things you shall suffer, behold the Devil shall cast some of you into prison: why? is the Devil come to be a Pursevant, or an Officer, or to give Warrants to cast into prison? No, but it is spoken of wicked Persecutors that the Devil sets on work, they be called by the name of the Devil. Sin when it comes to a height, it makes the sinners to be such, that they are pronounced to be Devils: the Devil shall cast some of you into prison; and one of you is a Devil: that is a strange metamorphosis. We reade of strange Fictions, of some Creatures turned into other Creatures; but this, for the Creature to be turned into a Devil, is the strangest metamorphosis that can be. Brethren, what made the Devil a Devil? they were once glorious Angels, more glorious Creatures than men and women, but what is it that should make them devils now? Nothing but Sin; it is Sin that hath made Angels to be Devils: and therefore do not so much wonder that sin should make men and women to be devils Incarnate.

Do not wonder at the phrase of Scripture, seeing Angels by sin, yea, the sin that the Angels did commit, did presently turn them into devils: therefore wonder not, that the continuing the acts of sin, when it groweth to the height, should turn men and women into devils. These be the Six Particulars in this Head, of Sins Reference to the Devil.

1. It is of the same Nature with the devil, joyns with him against God.
2. It is the work of the devil, that is, he is the Original, and helping Cause of it.
3 .It furthers the Kingdom of the devil.
4. It fulfils the will of the devil.
5. When it grows to a height it sels the Creature to the devil.
6. It turns them into devils.

These be the Six Particulars of the evil of Sin in the Reference it hath to the Devil.


Text (complete book in multiple files from Text Creation Partnership)

Digital page images (pdf)

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1John 1:9 'If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness'


1-Yr Flashback: Melania Trump Wears 'FLOTUS' Cap In Flooded Houston After Virtual-Hurricane Harvey; And 'Lane'

Below is excerpts from original post 8-30-17

[Houston] "Unprecedented, never before seen sudden destruction. Massive volumes of water - like what would happen if a dam or dams were suddenly opened - just appeared. "Hurricane Harvey" floods man-made i.e. purposely caused? -- Dams, reservoirs, levees, dikes, etc - water-control systems - can be allowed to flow, be restricted, be diverted all sorts of different ways, all the way down any particular system. "River-engineering" it is called..."

[8-30-17] Is Houston A Natural Flood - Or Has It Been Geoengineered? As Always The Answer Is Hidden In Plain Sight: Melania Trump Tells All With 'Float-Us' Cap

"Mrs. 777-Trump on the scene in flood-ravaged Houston sending a secret little message about what is really going on with "Harvey":

Just one of many photos as MT & DT made the rounds. Note
background w/flood map and "Record River Flooding" as
MT 'models' an in-your-face 'Float Us' mock - screenshot
Mocking the 'peasants'...har har laugh laugh look at all the little peons bobbing up and down in the flood waters in the streets of the city - what a scream."

'The above immediately brings to mind another major occasion where Melania Trump-it via her wardrobe was used to send another little secret message. It was the infamous 'Hunger Games/Harry Potter' Inaugural 'Blue Dress'. The message on that occasion was exactly the same message that has now been sent by the 'Float-us' cap - a very subtle little statement which can only be interpreted as intended to declare 'We be the 'elite' - you be not the elite you be the peasants':" [see @ link*]

"The very subtle little message of the FLOTUS-cap also reveals everything needed to know about the true cause of the never-before-seen destruction of a major U.S. city via 'flood'. Hidden In Plain Sight clues is how the ZKK (zio-kingdom-kome) Kabbalah-Boys always sign their handiwork, and the clues always tell the truth."

*see full post; related links
Isaiah 59:19 'So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him'


Above directly related to: 8-26-18 Fake-Cane Lane: Honolulu Mayor Calls 'Hurricane Lane' An "Exercise" After It Does Impossible U-Turn [MSM Virtual Storm] "The new precedent now is hurricanes that can do anything - stop, go, turn right, turn left, u-turn, intensify, weaken, speed up, slow-down, flood out any place, all of it at will, and then vanish. This was just demon-strated to the world. It's the new hurricane-norm. Be aware."

[so-called hurricane Lane made worldwide news for a week. It too was "unprecedented" and "never before seen" and as it turned out this was due to it being in reality only a 'virtual' - existing only on TV - hurricane... (see post, video)]

Rev. 18:4

2-Yr. Flashback: Hidden In Plain Sight G20 Meets in Hangzhou (Hangs-You) China - 1st UN2030 Implementation

Below excerpted from original post 9-4-16

[9-4-16] G20 Meets in 'Hangs-You' (Hangzhou) China To Tighten Zio-Kingdom-Come Noose On World -- Implement UN2030

"G20 Hangzhou summit opens, starting new journey for world's future growth... It is also the first time that the G20 has an action plan for implementing the 2030 Agenda [link] for Sustainable Development..."

G20 'Hangs-You' Summit to build the Zio-kingdom of the Beast on Earth Sept. 4-5, 2016
"September 4-5, 2016 the so-called G20 aka ZNWO holds two-day summit in 'Hangs-You'. Is there not an obvious hidden-in-plain sight little-message in the choice of location? Most important thing to note about this 2016 G20 may be that this year for the first time ever the issue of implementing the so-called "2030 Sustainable Development" scheme is in fact "front and center". Which name most by now certainly know is a pathetic euphemism for the true 'nature of the beast' - namely the micromanaged dictatorial global regulatory system being zio-constructed [see link below] for the sole purpose of exercising absolute control over every person place and thing on the earth...by 2030. Note from the below article the G20-ers now have an "action plan" -- The real zio-globalist goal for all the 'commoners' of the planet?

The photo makes it very clear does it not: G20 'Hangzhou'..." [full post]

Ezekiel 21:27 'I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.'  [the true Christ, the Lord and Saviour Jesus, not the false christ, the anti]

Rev. 18:4