"Christian" colleges?

Are Christian colleges still "Christian" or have they all been infiltrated by the new "emerging" global spirituality, which has now already leavened all of 'Christendom'. It may be ignorant of us to assume that the Christian schools/colleges would be left out of the equation for the harmonizing of the world's religions. If you or yours are presently enrolled or considering a "Christian college education" then it is time to begin to do some serious research into this topic and possibly that may mean taking off the blinders. The stakes are high, and the deception inflicted on the unknowing and undiscerning can be permanent.

For this reason here are some excellent resource links from "Lighthouse Trails Research" as a place to begin:

recent articles detailing some individual schools: Lighthouse
list of schools:

If you are involved with any (so-called) Christian Colleges today it would be wise to take the time and go through the articles and learn as much as possible. An individual school may not be on the list but that is by no means a guarantee that the same influence which has pervaded the others has not reached the doors of your school by now. Not to mention the hearts and minds of the students. Trust not just because it used to be "good".

1TIMOTHY 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.."


Unknown said...

Thanks for the resource link you've shared. Now, I learned a lot about christian colleges

tom m. said...

Jeanette D.

...and that was an old post, it was bad then, much worse now.

The only Christian college anymore is "a broken spirit [and] a contrite heart" Ps. 34:18

That school is not too popular, but the Holy Ghost himself is the teacher [John 14:26], and what you learn there can never be learned anywhere else.

Highly recommend it.