Phase ll - Water Control: UN Says Water Not A 'Human Right'

Here it comes
UN rejects water as basic human right: canada.com
"OTTAWA - The Harper government can declare victory after a United Nations meeting rejected calls for water to be recognized as a basic human right."
"Instead, a special resolution proposed by Germany and Spain at the UN human rights council was stripped of references that recognized access to water as a human right."
"But a social advocacy group said that the position was designed to protect the right to sell water under the North American Free Trade Agreement."
"The requirement in the United States would be for them to conserve first," said Barlow. "There's no requirement as a human right for us to provide water for swimming pools and golf courses and fountains in Las Vegas."
He who controls the water, controls all life on the planet!
That's the point, and this article reveals the harsh reality of what is certainly coming. This article is also part of the propaganda to slowly change your thinking. Water is now a "sacred resource", we are being told, which may be why UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon recently suggested a "moment of silence" for 'water issues' (see link below).
Expect to see this type of talk increasingly, and when you do understand what's happening. According to the UN, you no longer have any inherent right to water, which must mean that it is to be seen as a "privilege". Whoever 'owns' the water will soon be deciding what you may or may not do with 'their' water. It will be bought and sold as a commodity, and used to manipulate virtually everything that happens on the earth, starting with swimming pools and golf courses to you name it!
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What saith the scripture! see: stone-builders-rejected (from Daniel ch. 2)

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