As shown previously (see: awana), learning the 'language' of the deceptive 'change agents/facilitators' (two 'buzzwords') is crucial in being able to discern when you are being exposed to the ever-morphing 'doctrine' of the new, emerging, globally inclusive 'christianity'/spirituality. For example:
INCARNATIONAL: What does that mean?
source: Kjos ministries (excellent resource, highly recommended)

"These days, the word “incarnational” can be heard in most denominations and postmodern churches. It’s at the heart of the new, experiential form of Christianity -- the transformative movement attempting to unify the world under the banner of the evolving “Church”. It fits right into Rick Warrens global P.E.A.C.E. Plan and Brian McLaren's Kingdom of God."
This is only one example, but if you hear this word being 'bandied' about in your church, small group, new latest-greatest book by XYZ, etc., you can be certain that you are being indoctrinated by the emerging church/global-spirituality movement. see: emerging-world-church . Removing thyself from any and all unscriptural indoctrination is highly recommended: go or stay?

Briefly, the would be world-managers have determined that the role of the many varied Christian denominations in their coming anti-christian one world system is to be unpaid community service workers. They are to be assimilated into the system, and in fulfilling this assigned role will be said to have become "incarnational". Fleshing out your faith, they will try to tell you. "Flesh" is the correct word for this, as this global movement has absolutely nothing to do with the Holy God of the bible, but is 'wholly' a work of man.
(Need to read the linked articles and learn all you can. You will find these things to be true.)
No, what actually looks to be appearing here is the preparation for the prophetic picture as described in the book of Revelation: that of a single global government with a global 'spirituality' as being the conditions at the time the one called the Antichrist will appear on the stage of human history.
The Lord Jesus Christ will come first for His bride though, so 'wise' Christians would do well to "trim their lamps and double-check their oil" (Matt. 25:1-13)....and shine bright all the while.
"They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them: But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps." Matt 25:3-4

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