'Hypocritcal' oath?

FYI....update from original story: new-world-order-medicine
"The Senate is about to approve legislation (Mothers Act – S.1375) which mandates the indoctrination of pregnant and nursing mothers into the use of extremely dangerous psychiatric medication. We already know this class of medication poses serious health risks to both mother and baby. Consequences to the baby are now proven to cause nerve-related changes that can adversely affect health for a lifetime."

"Now that Senators are being called on the carpet for what this law will actually do; i.e., injure babies for life – they have gone behind closed doors to finish marking up the bill and plan to sneak it through the Senate in the beginning of April without any debate or chance for amendment. A marriage of Big Pharma dollars with a bizarre socialist medicine agenda is more compelling to them than real health. The legislation is cosponsored by both Clinton and Obama (members of the Senate HELP committee that will bring the legislation to the floor of the Senate), but make no mistake – it is also widely supported by republican senators and Bush will sign it in a heartbeat. Both sides of the aisle are owned by Big Pharma."

re: mandates and 'no debates'
Note the phrase "bizarre socialist medicine agenda". Widely supported by republicans, and with Obama and Clinton co-sponsoring....the "brave new world" advances. Still 'believing' in politicians?

Once again....ya ain't seen nuthin yet!
Psalms 146:3 Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.

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