Brave new churches

Pastor recommends armed guards for churches: article

"COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The senior pastor at a megachurch where a gunman killed two teenage sisters before being shot by a church volunteer recommends that all churches have armed guards."

"The forum, which was hosted by police and New Life security staff and closed to the media, included discussions on emergency planning, assessing potential dangerous situations, the role of church greeters and ushers, and how to recruit security staff, said Colorado Springs police officer Dave Husted."

"Several U.S. churches have been quietly adding armed guards in recent years, while others have avoided the practice because they either don't have the money or don't want to appear like a fortress."
Just observing what may seem to be small and sometimes subtle changes in society at large. Sometimes these changes can slip right by without noticing.

Wonder what "role" they have in mind for the greeters and ushers?

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