Don't be shocked....

....little by little, it's back to 1984

All patrol officers to be given Tasers: sbsun.com

SAN BERNARDINO - In hopes of reducing injuries during arrests, every police officer patrolling the streets will be issued a Taser within months.

San Bernardino police has ordered a $13,000 shipment of 120 yellow Taser X26s, which is a new model. The stun guns will shoot two probes with charges of 1,200 watts.

No information was immediately available on how often police use Tasers on suspects.

More than 11,000 of the country's 18,000 law-enforcement agencies use Tasers, according to Taser International's Web site. see related; 11 yr old girl tasered: source
Andy Taylor and Barney Fife have been "retired"...there's a new sheriff in town!

File this one under "absolute authoritarian control", as mentioned in the above post. This is a local story, but with all the law enforcement agencies in the country being linked together you can be sure this is coming to your town too, if not already there.
compare with: not-good-ol-days-anymore (law enforcement agencies linking)

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