Cui bono (who benefits)

Bush administration proposes sweeping overhaul of financial regulation: source

"WASHINGTON - The Bush administration is proposing a sweeping overhaul of the way the American financial industry is regulated."

"The proposal would designate the Fed as the primary regulator of market stability greatly expanding the central bank's ability to examine not just commercial banks but all segments of the financial services industry."

"In an effort to deal with the problems highlighted by the current severe credit crisis, the new plan would give major new powers to the U.S. Federal Reserve, according to a 26-page executive summary obtained Friday by The Associated Press."

"The administration proposal, which is to be formally unveiled in a speech Monday by U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, also proposes consolidating the current scheme of bank regulation..."

"The Fed would become the government's "market stability regulator," given sweeping powers to gather information on a wide range of institutions."
All the money controlled by a single private interest (*the Fed)?

If you take out all the unnecessary words in the above selected quotes, you are left with an interesting picture:

"sweeping overhaul", "greatly expanding", "all segments", "major new powers", "consolidating", "the Fed", "sweeping new powers to gather information"

....and that picture looks remarkably like a financial takeover of the entire nation by the Federal Reserve is in the offing. It's an amazing thing if you stop to consider how it is that the 'solutions' to all these various 'new problems', this being a prime example, always seem to contribute so greatly to the globalist agenda. Must be a coincidence. Cui bono
It's very late in the 'game', and this is a very bold move. Things are certainly moving quickly these days. Don't blink or you'll miss something, and then you may never know 'what hit cha'!

*The Federal Reserve System....is a quasi-public (part private, part government) banking system: wikipedia (in other words, not really a government agency at all)

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