Northern Command and martial law?

The Deployment of US Troops inside Canada: globalresearch

"On February 15th, Canada and the US signed an agreement for the deployment of US troops inside Canada."

"The agreement, which raises issues of national sovereignty, was not between the two governments. It was signed by military commanding officers. U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) released a statement confirming that the agreement had been signed between US NORTHCOM and Canada Command, namely between the military commands of each country. Canada Command was established in February 2006."

“This document is a unique, bilateral military plan to align our respective national military plans to respond quickly to the other nation's requests for military support of civil authorities,”

"U.S. Northern Command was established on Oct. 1, 2002"

"Similarly, Canada Command was established on Feb. 1, 2006"

"Binational Planning Group (BPG), operating out of the Peterson Air Force base, was set up in late 2002, with a mandate to "prepare contingency plans to respond to [land and sea] threats and attacks, and other major emergencies in Canada or the United States".

"...the BPG is involved in supporting the ongoing militarisation of civilian law enforcement and judicial functions in both the US and Canada."

"Canada is slated to become a member of NORTHCOM at the end of the BPG's two years mandate."

"And ultimately what is at stake is that beneath the rhetoric, Canada will cease to function as a Nation"
FYI : A detailed, informative article for anyone who may be interested in some 'specifics'.
important see: Northcom; also canamerexico
note for locals: State of Hawaii has pending legislation that is eerily similar: local-hawaii-news

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