Boy Scouts Or Scouting For Boys: BSA 'Vote' Lifts Gay Ban, Opens Door To Homosexual Agenda

Follow up on: Boy Scouts Or Scouting For Boys? BSA About To Accept Homosexual-Agenda's Membership Application 1-28-13 "This would be an incredible step forward in the right direction," said Zach Wahls, Eagle Scout and founder of Scouts for Equality. Wahls said his group will work with BSA councils and chartering organizations across the country to end exclusion of gays...Run for the doors Boy Scout-ers.
Boy Scouts vote to lift ban on gays

GRAPEVINE, Texas -- The Boy Scouts of America voted on Thursday to end its controversial policy banning gay kids and teens from joining one of the nation's most popular youth organizations, ditching membership guidelines that had roiled the group in recent years...Over 60 percent of the The National Council of 1,400 delegates from Scouting across the country voted to lift the ban, BSA officials said.

The outcome of the historic ballot is not going to end the debate: Some opponents on the right said they would pull their sponsorships of packs and troops, and parents threatened to take their boys out of Scouting; LGBT activists said the policy change doesn't go far enough because gay adults still wouldn't be allowed to participate.

Still, Zach Wahls of Scouts for Equality, said before the results were revealed that this would be a step in the right direction...“This is the first step in beginning the process to evolution and we all know what evolution leads to,” he said. “We look forward to Scouting to go all the way.”

The ban on gay Scouts has been the subject of much soul-searching in the century-old organization – from local troops and councils to online petitions to national board meetings. The dispute was even heard by the Supreme Court, which said 13 years ago that as a private membership organization the BSA was free to decide who it would admit.

Perhaps one of the most important voices, BSA President Wayne Perry, on Wednesday wrote an op-ed in USA TODAY supporting the inclusion of gay boys.

re: 'Scouting to go all the way'

It's over. There is no way around the fact. The door has been opened, and now that it is open, it will be impossible to stop any part of the overall agenda. While the "gay-leader" is not yet sanctioned, the reality is that this is just a temporary situation. As made very clear by "Zach Wahls of Scouts for Equality", they will never relent until 'Scouting goes all the way'. Innuendo? It would seem so. The unfortunate reality as to this 'partial victory' for the homosexual agenda is that it is probably part of the strategy. Very likely many will weakly just 'go with the flow' and end up being acclimated to the forced social re-engineering during the interim period. Then, when the 'gay-leaders' eventually waltz right through the now open door, will acquiesce with nary a whimper, and turn their sons over to the tutelage of homosexual men.

That "gay-leaders" will be coming in is a foregone conclusion. Similar to what just happened in the national Football League where the president of the players association is now officially an LGBT spokesman [see link below], the homosexual agenda also has a 'presidential' friend in the Boy Scouts of America - Wayne Perry, BSA president. (Note also, if it is of interest, here is another 'historical' event marked with a '13')

It's over people - "Boy Scouts" has now become "Scouting for Boys". To not be proactive is to submit your boy or boys. Will you just turn them right over and say 'here you go'?

One more thought, this also quoted from the 'follow up' post above:
"Can heterosexual men be Girl Scout troop leaders then - or is that somehow different? Just throwing that out there to make a point as to how absolutely ludicrous this is on so many levels".  Rev. 18:4
Compare: NFL Players Union President Says Homosexual Athletes "Showing New Dimension Of Masculinity" 5-6-13 "'First it was the Military, next was the Boy Scouts, and now it's the 'manly' professional sports leagues" - ...homosexual perversion is now called "redefining and showing a new dimension of masculinity" - and this from the President of the NFL players association. How the mighty have fallen. Coming from the top down as it is, it is obvious that any player that might dissent from the NFL Players Association 'official' LGBT-friendly position, and be at all vocal about it, is in for a rough time"
Proverbs 29:16 'When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increaseth: but the righteous shall see their fall'

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