Red Pill or Blue Pill...Says General Electric In New Psycho Commercial "Connected Hospitals"

This post is follow up on: SCOTUS OK's 'Obamacare' - As Above So Below? 6-28-12 "Health cards and medical databanks which will in essence create a de facto control mechanism over all of society, whereby nobody will be allowed to function outside of the system, without their 'number', ...with the whole kit and caboodle eventually tied into a global databank no doubt....All of this must be the case because global government is the ONLY goal" [see post]
GE Commercial - Agent of Good: Connected Hospitals

[:12] ...it appears it's an agent of good

[:15] GE has wired their medical hardware with innovative software to be in many places at the same time...using data to connect patients to software...to nurses...to the right people ...and machines

[:56] red or blue

"It appears...it's an agent of good"....but it's not...ya ha ha...it's how we will 'possess' you...but look at the good side you can be connected to the "right people"...whatever that is supposed to mean...and machines - which is a little transhumanism 'quest for immortality' twist thrown in for 'seduction' value - connected to the right machines - transhumanism - which at the very root is nothing more than the age old lie "ye shall be as gods" [Gen. 3:4-5]

The proverbial taking the red pill means choosing to wake up, embrace, get on board; taking the blue pill means basically go back to sleep, or opt out, stay back. Why exactly that is portrayed here with a lollipop and a child can only be conjectured, but seems that the message essentially is saying that as a child would not turn down a lollipop, either way you're going in, willingly or unwillingly, so make you choice... for or against, in or out...of the 'new order of the ages'?

Dark, cryptic, one-eyed garbage. In other words, par for the course these days.

Connected hospitals they call it. Be informed.
Rev. 18:4
What the bible says about The mark of the beast-666

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