Reported: 'Sinkhole' Swallows Four Children In Minneapolis - 5/22/13

1 Dead, 2 Injured, 1 Missing After Field Trip At Lilydale Park

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — One child is dead, two others are injured and another is missing after a hillside gave way Wednesday during a fourth grade field trip at a St. Paul park, according to Fire Marshal Steve Zaccard...Zaccard said multiple crews are searching for the missing child. The effort, however, is now considered a recovery effort, not a rescue mission. The search is taking place in an area that’s 50 feet by 50 feet — roughly the size of a house. The search will go until nightfall, and it will continue Thursday morning.

Crews responded to the scene at Lilydale Regional Park around 1 p.m., where two fourth grade classes from Peter Hobart Elementary were on a field trip, Zaccard said...The kids were exploring a hillside in the park when the ground gave way. The slide created a sinkhole, which quickly filled with water. Crews initially used their hands in an effort to dig the children out.

Multiple agencies are on the scene, including crews with shovels and a truck with plywood to help control the slippery situation.

:05 this all started at 1:15 this afternoon at Lilydale park along the Mississippi River
1:05 very chaotic scene
1:20 they fell down that, it created a sinkhole
3:10 wedged between Water Street and Highway 13

Sinkholes, for those who are noticing, have been big news lately. Reports of sinkholes, all over the place, have become quite a regular thing. For the most part, prior to the Florida sinkhole that, we are told, 'swallowed a man alive' two months ago [see link below], "sinkholes" were an unknown commodity. This is no longer the case. The sinkhole concept has been mainstreamed to the point where most people no longer even give it a second thought when the word is used. Sinkholes swallowing children is something new though. Especially right along the Mississippi River, as is reported here, which reportedly crosses the "New Madrid" fault line in three places [link]. Just noting these things, in particular how it fits the ongoing New Madrid-sinkhole narrative. Nothing more than that can be said. One comment though which is not directly related to this incident - expect to see more 'ground giving way' sinkhole stories. Lots of them.
Compare: Florida 'Sinkhole' And New Madrid Fault Line Connection? 3-6-13 "Two weeks ago it was meteorites, now the earth is opening up and swallowing people, say the msm news sources... 'there is one more thing that seems noteworthy as far as 'sinkholes' go, and that is how great an effort the NWO-msm Bureau of Propaganda has been putting out over the last year or so to establish a sinkhole-New Madrid faultline connection. Seems that 'sinkholes' are a major threat now, and may even trigger a massive New Madrid 'earthquake' any day now that would cripple the U.S., or so they say...What is particularly interesting about this story though is the effect that it has had, as mentioned in the comment from the 'follow up' post linked above - everybody now knows about "sinkholes". This was not the case before this event. "Sinkholes", the globalist cartel would have John Q. Public believe, have now become 'epidemic'. Sinkholes, they claim, are suddenly appearing everywhere, and are creating very dangerous geological conditions in many areas - not only in this country, but even globally, say they. These dangerous conditions could lead to massive earthquakes, it is said, and probably more noteworthy than any other is the claimed dangers due to 'sinkholes' along the New Madrid fault line, as has been the big news for a couple of years now. [see post]

 Rev. 18:4
Gen. 6:3 'And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh'

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