Big Brother Update: "Facebook Phone" Declared A Disaster After Only Three Weeks

Follow up on: Big Brother Facebook Launches "Facebook HOME" 4-12-13; Designed To 'Own' User 4-12-13 "Facebook needs to make sure that Facebook Home can be defined as a success" [see post]
Facebook phone flops

The HTC First, also known as the Facebook phone, was unofficially declared a disaster after AT&T dropped its price from $99 to 99 cents on Wednesday.

Even in an industry known for liberal smartphone discounts, the price drop of the First -- which comes less than a month after its debut -- came relatively quickly. That suggests what many of us have suspected: that the First was dead on arrival.

Facebook Home dominates the phone's user experience, and while there are shortcuts to get you to your favorite apps, it's a jarring change and one that some people weren't ready for. It's at best an experiment, and given the poor reception and negative reviews that it has garnered on the Google Play store, one that's not yet ready for primetime.

Does this spell the end for Facebook Home? No, but it's certainly a setback and has to leave the other handset vendors wondering if working with Facebook this extensively is even worth the effort.

Facebook phone "dead on arrival". Very interesting development in the ongoing Facebook quest for control of the masses. People were not willing to pay $99 for a Facebook Big Brother phone that "dominates the phone user experience". What remains to be seen now though is how many can they get to surrender their "phone user experience" to Big Brother/Facebook domination if it's virtually free.

Whatever the case, this Facebook phone rejection seems significant enough that it should get a little dot on the historical timeline of the attempt for the NWO.
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