Update: 5-5-13 NY Bike Rally Illegalizes Backpacks, Turns Into Full-Fledged NWO Police State Event - ala Boston

5-5-13 update: Backpacks Banned Amid Increased Security for 5 Boro Bike Tour in NYC "A large police presence was on hand for Sunday's annual Five Boro Bike Tour as approximately 32,000 cyclists made their way along the 40-mile route through New York City...For the first time riders were not allowed to wear backpacks, though fanny packs and some other small bags were allowed. The new rules came in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing where explosives were concealed in backpacks...Police said officers on bikes and scooters rode alongside tour participants. Mobile cameras, radiation detectors and counterterrorism teams were also deployed. Harbor officers escorted ferries going to and from Staten Island, where the tour ended.
Call it what you will - but making backpacks illegal...because of 'Boston'...and having police on bikes and scooters escorting participants, as well as "mobile cameras, radiation detectors, and counterterrorism teams" - all for a public 'bike-ride', this officially qualifies as a full-fledged NWO police state roll-out. Mark the day NAU 'homelanders' [link], they have introduced the 'new normal', it will never go back. Boston cui bono [link]? The answer to that question is ridiculously obvious...

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'Boston' Bringing In The Dictatorship: No Backpacks, Saddlebags, Or Hydration Packs At NY Bike Rally 5-5-13

This post is a follow up on: Here They Come: 'Because Of Boston', Kentucky Derby To Roll-Out Police State 'Security' - May 3-4, 2013 4-24-13 "Boston 'cui bono'? In the same way the scripted "underwear bomber" production a few years back changed forever how the world travels, this one [Boston] will change how the world moves about in society. Think TSA and VIPR to start appearing everywhere - perhaps gradually - rolling out at all 'soft-targets'. How gradual who can say but that it will begin to happen you can just about guarantee...due to the 'new threat'...'Dictatorship Amerika' is now taking another 'giant' step forward. And true it is that... [quote] "it would not have happened without Boston" [see post]
New York City 5 Boro Bike Tour is Facing Tight Security in Wake of Boston Marathon Bombings

Participants in NYC's 5 Boro Bike Tour [May 5] should be ready for extra security precautions in wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.

According to various reports, the 32,000 racers will not be allowed backpacks, hydration packs and saddlebags at next Sunday's tour. Riders are permitted to wear small fanny packs, bring water bottles and bring bike frame bags. Checkpoints along the route will be strictly enforcing these rules and confiscated items will not be returned. The pyrotechnics that usually accompany the starting line will also not be a part of this year's race and are probably a good bet to be done altogether unfortunately.

This will be going on the same weekend as the Kentucky Derby. At the NY bicycle rally, not only will there be the made-possible-only-by-Boston 'bag-restrictions', but the bikers will also be subjected to "checkpoints" along the route. Truly, 'Boston'...is now being used to "change how the world moves about in society". Where will 'backpack-checkpoints' show up next? The way this has been scripted, could be anywhere.

Cabalist totalitarian agenda on full speed ahead. Kentucky and NY next weekend, your city after that. Be informed.
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