Facebook Announces It Will Begin Censoring 'Hate Speech'

Facebook to crack down on hate speech

The firm responds to a campaign urging it to remove posts that promote violence against women.

SAN FRANCISCO — Activists say an online campaign to curb misogynist content on Facebook could be a watershed moment for a growing movement to remove posts and images that promote violence against women on the Web.

Heeding the call, more than a dozen advertisers, including Nissan Motor Co. and Nationwide Building Society, removed their ads from Facebook, while others, such as American Express and Unilever's Dove brand, pressured Facebook Inc. to remove the offending pages.

Facebook, which makes the bulk of its revenue from advertising, said Tuesday that it is reviewing its guidelines to evaluate content that violates its standards and will train moderators to identify and remove hate speech. "We need to do better — and we will," Facebook said in a blog.

"We welcome Facebook's commitment to take additional measures to tackle the problem," said Stacie Bright, global director of communications at Dove. "Dove takes this issue very seriously and does not condone any activity that intentionally insults any audience."

Analysts say the online campaign to crack down on hate speech against women could prompt more interest groups to target social media the way they have targeted television networks and other traditional media in the past by pressuring advertisers.

The official story is that 'activists' pressured advertisers to pull their ads, which "more than a dozen" did, while others like American Express and Dove went further and did a little arm-twisting to pressure Facebook to "remove the offending pages"...to which Facebook promptly responded with a statement saying that they will now go ahead and "train moderators to identify and remove hate speech". Nice little cover story, as always, but the reality is that installing 'trained' moderators to now arbitrarily remove 'non-approved' content is very simply the implementation of full blown censorship. Note the comment from Dove about taking this issue very seriously and not condoning "any activity that intentionally insults any audience". This corresponds perfectly with the "analysts" prediction [last paragraph] that this move by Facebook will very likely prompt other interest groups to follow suit. That exactly that will happen is ridiculously obvious - just the way it was written up. "Misogynists" today, fill in the blank...tomorrow. 

Full blown, open Big Brother censorship has begun. And it is coming from every angle - compare these headlines from just this past week:

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Know what's going on...don't be a sheeple.  Rev. 18:4
Psalms 107:2 'Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy'

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