5/25/13 Global "March Against Monsanto" - Cui Bono? Answer: Agenda 21, NWO

Follow up on: NWO And Civil Unrest: Worldwide "March Against Monsanto" Coming May 25, 2013 5-12-13 "Nothing just happens. Not in this virtual reality world that we now live in. Everything is manufactured, orchestrated, fictional, creating a virtual reality by which the 'transformation of the world' can be accomplished. The Kabbalist-globalist way of saying that is 'ordo ab chao'. Global "unrest", or 'dissatisfaction' with the existing order of things to the point of being motivated to do something about it, creates the opportunity to bring in the pre-planned 'solution' - which as many now know is the transformation of the nations of the world into the 'pre-planned' communitarian system of global government, aka Agenda 21, aka planet wide 'green' dictatorship [link]. Instigating the unrest...it's on...on multiple fronts. Know what you are seeing when you see it. [see post; video]
May 25, 2013 - unrest across the globe. Claiming 400 marches in 50 countries, as stated in the promo photo below, it is obvious that this would require a very high level of coordination. What is also obvious is that this massive global coordination that has taken place will in reality accomplish one thing only. That one thing is facilitating the global communitarian scheme known as Agenda 21. The expressed goals from the March Against Monsanto website make this very clear. They are calling the movement a "revolution", and a "new paradigm which is forming", and are laying out long term goals - every one of which is exactly what the "sustainable community" Agenda 21 one-world-government handbook calls for. Below are some excerpts from their latest release, highlighting the key points:

How The March Against Monsanto Can (and will) Change The World

[Excerpts from 5-22-13 bulletin] There's a revolution happening right before our eyes...

The March Against Monsanto has grown beyond my wildest dreams; a few months ago it was just an idea. It has grown into a full blown movement and the people that started it wouldn't be able to stop if they wanted. The new paradigm which is forming will be driven by people who care, not people who care for power.

The March does not and cannot end on May 25, 2013. This movement has awakened a very large group of people that care about their food supply and care about other people’s food supply. These courageous marchers have put aside all of their political and ideological differences to stand in solidarity for what is right.

How do we carry on this March Against Monsanto, this new food revolution passed the 25th? Capture the momentum of this movement and harness it at the local level. Keep your local march network alive and growing. All of the connections that you are making in your local areas, all of the people you are meeting through the organizing, planning, and marching process must be kept active for this march to have a lasting effect. After the March, take real steps to improve your food fate locally.

It’s not enough to simply tell people to eat organic, or vote for initiatives that will label GMOs. The very first thing you can do is plant your own garden. If you have the space, plant a garden larger than what you need to feed your family and help someone that is less fortunate with some fresh homegrown food from your garden. What if you don’t have a yard to plant in? One option is growing indoors. There is a growing industry of indoor gardeners that are starting to change the way we think about gardening through the use of hydroponics.

What if you don’t have a yard and growing indoors in not an option for you? At this point we need to look to our fellow local activists from the March Against Monsanto. Community gardens are a great way to bring in a fresh and organic food source into an urban area. Find a plot of land that is vacant or belongs to the local city, find out who is on charge of it and get the ball rolling on starting a community garden. Enlist some people that you have met though the march to help you physically, technically, and financially. Look to the local community to crowd source labor and resources. If none of these are an option for you, there’s still hope for you within the food revolution. Share cropping is a way of getting some space to grow a garden that you can secure for free or a very low cost.

Share cropping is just like a community garden on a smaller scale. If you live in an area where there are many small yards with space available, think about setting up a sharecropping co-op where food can be traded and shared for little or no money. Look into new technologies and techniques when setting up your new gardens. Vertical gardening is great way to maximize limited space a make your garden virtually maintenance free. There’s an ancient technique of hydroponics that is just being rediscovered and developed: aquaponics.

Mobilize your local activist network often and keep them engaged in the community; you are the leaders of this movement! Let them hear your voice amplified by your entire network. Build relationships with other activists from other causes, reach out to other interests and help support them, and they will support you.

It's up to you to let your neighbors know what's in their food and how they can make real world progress to take their food back. These techniques can also be replicated on the national and global level, which is why it's important for you to stay connected to the national MAM campaign.

Ultimately, the reality is that this is a no-win situation. Nobody wants GMO's, that goes without saying. But, this massive 'networked' global organization already being formed, to fight the 'common enemy' Monsanto, is a Trojan horse. It will facilitate the 'transformation of the existing order' into the Zionist Agenda 21 'global-plantation model of serf-management' [link] - and nothing else. Exactly as designed. Know what you are seeing when you see it.  Rev. 18:4

God who created the earth [Gen. 1:1] will deal with the GMO corruption (and corrupters) of the earth...in His own way and time: 'But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up'  (2Peter 3:10)

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