Big Brother Taking Another Swipe At the Internet - Moving To Ban Internet Cafes In Ohio

Legislation to ban Internet cafes moves to Senate floor

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio lawmakers are poised to put an end to the state's internet cafes. After hearing sometimes tearful testimony from owners and employees of Internet cafes, members of the Senate State Government Oversight and Reform Committee voted Tuesday in favor of legislation that would ban the businesses. Four of the committee's 11 members voted against House Bill 7 -- not enough to keep it from moving to the Senate floor Wednesday for a vote. The contentious legislation, which moved through committee without amendments, could end up on the governor's desk this week.

The businesses have been scrutinized for what investigators call illegal activity, including money laundering. Internet cafes operate by selling Internet time or phone cards, and in return offer free chances to win cash on computer games that resemble slot machines. Opponents of HB 7 say the businesses provide a strictly legal and valuable service.

Michael Nelson, a Cleveland-area lawyer who represents multiple Internet cafe owners, said he is hoping legislators will change their mind Wednesday on the Senate floor, but he isn't counting on it. A voter-led drive for referendum could keep Internet cafes open. Such an initiative could stall HB 7 from taking effect until fall 2014.

Compare: Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin Says Bloggers May Not Be "Entitled To Constitutional Protection" 5-26-13 "Censorship i.e. silencing non NWO-supportive speech, has been simmering on the back burner for the past few years. That is not the case any longer. It is now on the front burner and the heat is being turned up....everywhere"

Free speech and an uncensored internet...death by a thousand cuts. That's how it is being done, faster than ever seen and from every conceivable direction. Take note again.
Psalms 50:3 'Our God shall come, and shall not keep silence: a fire shall devour before him, and it shall be very tempestuous round about him'  maranatha - Rev. 22:20

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