4th Of July "Armed March on Washington" Update: Kokesh Tells CBS "Calling For Mass Civil Disobedience"

Update on: Radio Host Adam Kokesh Organizing 4th of July Armed March on Washington D.C. For "Symbolic Overthrow" 5-6-13 "Destabilizing the US byway of instigated civil unrest has been in the works for years now. It is not a surprise to see it, the NWO-insiders have been actively conditioning the public for a long time...This announcement of an "armed march on Washington" on Independence Day July 4, 2013, ...has to be seen as a very clear indication that the NWO 'civil-unrest instigating' program is now dispensing with the rhetoric of the past few years and is readying to go live.
Adam Kokesh on CBS #OpenCarry

3:05 "These criminals (U.S. Govt.) have made it clear that they don't understand the laws, they don't understand the Constitution, and they don't even understand the definition of civil disobedience...this is what we are going to do...what we are doing...is going to deliberately break what we consider to be an unjust law"

3:42 "...we are calling for mass civil disobedience throughout the District of Columbia on Independence Day"

"Mass civil disobedience"..now being 'advertised' on CBS. Impossible unless part of the script. The zionist ordo ab chao script of course. First start the gun grab, then get a resistance movement going, then....?

It won't be long before what that will be is seen...
 Rev. 18:4

See: Pentagon Changes 'Rulebook' To Grant Military Unchecked Domestic Authority In "Emergency Circumstances" 5-14-13
5-24-13 update: Plot Thickens: Adam Kokesh Calls To Expand July 4th "Armed March On Washington" To All 50 States


John Cole said...

Armed March Leader Adam Kokesh Admits Mental Instability & Has Muslim Brotherhood Ties


tom m. said...

Saw that article

All part of the script imo

AK - another actor playing an invented character:

Vet with possible "PTSD", connected to the NWO-invention "Muslim Brotherhood"...(it's the 'MB' that want to takeover America - not the Talmudic Zionist Jews)

looks like the scriptwriters will be able to spin this one any number of ways...