Wall Street 'Revolu-Zion' Officially Goes Global 10-15-11; Full Scale Collapse Of The 'Old-World-Order'

This post is an update on: Destabilization: Full-Scale Collapse Of Old-World-Order Has Begun; 'Shiva' Dances 1-30-11 ([Obama as] Shiva - Hindu god of destruction - TIME magazine 11-22-10) "Destabilizing the globe through induced 'civil unrest'. Unstable things are easily toppled. Therein is the method to the madness..There can never be a new-world-order until the old-world-order has been destroyed. It is just that simple...At any rate, ordo ab chao - 'order out of chaos' is overtaking the globe, and it is happening so fast that it is now coming as a sort of "perfect storm". So perfect that the only way it could really be explained is to admit of choreography. It has been choreographed - for the 'big dance' i.e. the full-scale collapse of the 'old-world-order.'" [see post]
Wall Street protests go global; riots in Rome

Galvanized by the Occupy Wall Street movement, the protests began in New Zealand, touched parts of Asia, spread to Europe, and ultimately resumed at their starting point in New York with 2,000 marchers decrying corporate greed and economic inequality.

While most rallies were relatively small and barely held up traffic, the Rome event drew tens of thousands of people and snaked through the city center for kilometers (miles)...Hundreds of hooded, masked demonstrators rampaged in some of the worst violence seen in the Italian capital for years, setting cars ablaze, breaking bank and shop windows and destroying traffic lights and signposts...Police fired volleys of tear gas and used water cannon to try to disperse militant protesters who were hurling rocks, bottles and fireworks, but clashes went on into the evening.

In contrast, small and peaceful rallies got the ball rolling across the Asia-Pacific region on Saturday. In Auckland, New Zealand's biggest city, 3,000 people chanted and banged drums, denouncing corporate greed

In Sydney, about 2,000 people, including representatives of Aboriginal groups, communists and trade unionists, protested outside the central Reserve Bank of Australia.

Hundreds marched in Tokyo, including anti-nuclear protesters. In Manila a few dozen marched on the U.S. Embassy waving banners reading: "Down with U.S. imperialism" and "Philippines not for sale".

Over 100 people gathered at the Taipei stock exchange, chanting "we are Taiwan's 99 percent"

In Hong Kong, home to the Asian headquarters of investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, over 100 people gathered at Exchange Square in the Central district.

Portugal was the scene of the biggest reported protest action with more than 20,000 marching in Lisbon and a similar number in the country's second city Oporto, two days after the government announced a new batch of austerity measures.

Around 4,000 Greeks with banners bearing slogans like "Greece is not for sale" staged an anti-austerity rally in Athens' Syntagma Square

In Paris, around 1,000 protesters rallied in front of city hall, coinciding with the G20 finance chiefs' meeting,

The worldwide protests were a response in part to calls by the New York demonstrators for more people to join them. Their example has prompted calls for similar occupations in dozens of cities from Saturday.

In Madrid, around 2,000 people had gathered for a march to the central Puerta del Sol.

Thousands of protesters also gathered in Barcelona and local radio said, and further demonstrations were planned in more than 60 Spanish towns in the evening.

In Germany, where sympathy for southern Europe's debt troubles is not widespread, thousands gathered in Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig and outside the ECB in Frankfurt.

Demonstrators gathered peacefully in Paradeplatz, the main square in the Swiss financial center of Zurich.

In London, around 2,000 people assembled outside St Paul's Cathedral, near the City financial district, for a rally dubbed "Occupy the London Stock Exchange".

...and this post is also a follow up on: 10-14-11 Update: Wall Street Conflict Postponed Until Further Notice - Protesters Offered "Arrangement" "...this is an absolutely massive scam, and second, those words make it crystal clear that "civil-unrest" is here to stay, worldwide...What is the 'scam'? That's easy: destabilize, communitarian-ize, zion-ize...the whole world. In that order. [follow links, connect dots; all links open in new window/tab]

Global induced-civil-unrest became a reality today 10-15-11. Mark the date.

The 'perfect storm' is not going to blow over. To quote from 'Shiva dances" at top..."There can never be a new-world-order until the old-world-order has been destroyed. It is just that simple"

The new-world-order is of course to be constructed in the form of a 'global kingdom' - the kingdom of the Zionist Jewish Antichrist. Believe it or not. Rev. 18:4

compare: 3-28-11 Newsweek 'apocalypse now' cover
Habakkuk 2:12 'Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city by iniquity!" [Zionist NWO]

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