Big Brother Threatens MI Health Workers, Bribing John Q. Public To Push Toxic-Soup Flu Shots

Individual rights must be sacrificed, says Munson Healthcare, if you want to keep your job that is; and many food retail companies with in-store pharmacies are now resorting to outright bribery in the attempt to inject unwary consumers with the Big Brother mystery concoction they call a flu shot. Two related stories:
Get Flu Shot or Get Fired, Hospital Says
TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – A major northern Michigan health care group has issued an ultimatum for employees: Get a flu shot by Dec. 31 or get fired...Munson Healthcare, which includes its flagship Munson Medical Center in Traverse City, says individual rights must be sacrificed for the welfare of patients whose health could be threatened if exposed to flu...Medical Center chief operating officer Kathleen McManus tells the Traverse City Record-Eagle that officials decided to make it mandatory because voluntary compliance has never topped 65 percent...Munson has seven hospitals and provides services to people from 24 counties.
Grocery Stores Give Food Discounts to Customers who Agree to Receive Flu Shot Vaccines
...food retail companies with pharmacies such as Randalls, Safeway, Winn Dixie, and the huge retail food chain Kroger have been offering customers incentives and rewards for agreeing to receive flu shots...Last month customers who got a flu shot at Winn-Dixie stores using their reward card saved $5 on the vaccine and also were given free merchandise including apples, juice, facial tissues and disinfecting wipes. Both Safeway and Randall's stores are giving their customers vouchers for 10 percent off their grocery purchases if they get their flu shot in their pharmacies...At least one Walgreens has been reported to be rewarding its employees with iPads if they meet a quota "goal" of pushing vaccines onto customers. In fact, several readers who say they are Walgreens employees have also reported to NaturalNews -- and requested anonymity out of fear of losing their jobs -- that they were being rewarded with incentives if they met a predetermined "goal" of pushing a certain number of customers into getting flu shots. They were also threatened with reprimands if they fail to meet this goal.
There is no way to put a positive spin on the two related stories above. It can only be seen as a stepping-up of the NWO's inject-the-world agenda. Compare below a post from two years ago where it was stated that the CDC, while considering at that time (the height of the so-called swine flu pandemic) making 'vaccinations' mandatory, had nevertheless "stopped short"; but at the same time began a 'debate' on the individual's right to refuse: 'Responsibility Czars' Questioning Right To Refuse H1N1 Injections 10-11-09

"Does Americans' right to determine what is best for themselves and their families trump the federal government's efforts to head off what it believes could be a flu pandemic?...The debate is "changing the parameters" for individual responsibility, says Andrew Askland, director of the Center for the Study of Law, Science and Technology at Arizona State University in Tempe...Officials at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are strongly urging vaccination for a majority of Americans, including all kids and pregnant women. Officials have stopped short, however, of calling vaccination a moral imperative, instead urging Americans to think deeply about their perceptions and the communal impact of their decisions"

This comment was made on that post, and apparently the reality is closer now than it was then

"Just what exactly are the rights of the individual in the 'pandemic-prone' new world order? This is the question that is "changing the parameters [of] individual responsibility", says the apparent 'responsibility czar' Andrew Askland. Conditioning the population for submission to the NWO agenda is the only parameter that is being changed though. Note the phrase "officials have stopped short". John Q. Public is to now be conditioned to understand that he is obligated to obey those designated as 'officials' in this new pandemic-world. 'This time'...said officials are "stopping short"...but 'next time'...they may not...'Communal impact' means that John Q's rights really do not actually "trump" Big Brother's agenda at all..."[see post]

Be very aware, the 'inject-the-world' campaign has no intention of forever 'stopping short' of the final goal...whatever it takes. Threats, bribery, force perhaps...?

see also: UK Labels Vaccine Resistors As "Extremists" 10-30-09

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