Wall Street Update: Crowds Growing, Police Flexing, Conflict Brewing; NYPD Using "Stop And Frisk"

10-14-11 Update: Wall Street Conflict Postponed Until Further Notice "The...[conflict]...has to happen...so that the 'resistance' can form...That struggle is needed so that the insider-controlled "peaceful" protests can be taken to the next level - not so peaceful." [see post]

The below was posted two years ago. The very thing is now starting to unfold, exactly as designed:

History In The Making - Continental Congress Convenes To 'Hold Government Accountable' November 11-22-09 "The American people have convened...for the first time in over two centuries"..."By all appearances, it looks like some very real groundwork is being laid for future confrontation between the people of this country and the cold-blooded NWO-er's, they being the guilty party in the demolition job now being done on America. The real-world problem with this is that 'civil unrest' greatly serves the purposes of the NWO (so-called). How better to further destabilize the existing order than to begin to instigate widespread civil unrest and then come in with the iron fist? Never forget, it's always 'ordo ab chao', i.e. order out of chaos" [see post]

Escalating the conflict to bring in the next phase - "not so peaceful". The cold-blooded NWO-ers need real chaos if they are to 'make history' as they intend. Peaceful civil unrest to non-peaceful to riots to the end of America as you have known it. There is no plan 'b'. Rev. 18:4

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