NWO Revolu-Zion Update: Occupy Oakland Turns Into Street Fight, Just Like Big Brother Wants

Update on: NWO Revolution Plan Underway 9-30-11 "NWO insider Ron Paul [1-22-10] ...predicted a dollar crash, a "street fight" with blood in the streets of the USA, followed by a massive government crackdown" [see post]
youtube: Police have clashed with hundreds of demonstrators in the U.S. city of Oakland. It happened when hundreds marched to show their anger at police clearing an "Occupy Wall Street" camp. Officers shot several rounds of tear gas into the crowd, who were trying to reclaim their position within the city centre. Earlier on Tuesday, 85 people were arrested, after they refused to take down their tents as part of the nationwide movement against corporate greed.

There it is...fighting and blood in the streets of the USA...exactly what NWO 'good cop' [see 'update' above] Ron Paul said would happen. Interesting thing...he also said the dollar would collapse and at that point it would really get crazy, followed by a "massive government crackdown".

So far the NWO's ordo ab chao masterplan is working perfectly. Be aware.

see also: Wall Street Update: Crowds Growing, Police Flexing, Conflict Brewing 10-22-11 "Escalating the conflict to bring in the next phase - "not so peaceful". The cold-blooded NWO-ers need real chaos if they are to 'make history' as they intend. Peaceful civil unrest to non-peaceful to riots to the end of America as you have known it. There is no plan 'b'"

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