NWO Claims Beginning Of "New Libya"; Gadhafi Death Faked?

Follow up on: NWO Bombs Their Way Into Libya 3-20-11 "Apparently the same 'civil unrest' strategy that the Zionist NWO would-be overlords of earth have been and are using in many of the African and middle eastern nations such as Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Syria, Bahrain, and others to effectively crush their sovereignties and force integration into the morphing NWO system of "regional" global dictatorship is not suitable for all. Some nations, for various reasons, require even more extreme methods. Perhaps there are certain factions long set in their ways that must be forcefully rooted out before the 'new way' of global communitarianism can ever be implemented in that particular society.* Case in point, Libya. [see post]
With Gaddafi gone, who will run the new Libya? telegraph.co.uk

For the past month, Libya has been in limbo. None of the really big issues could be resolved until Sirte fell, and Gaddafi was killed or captured.

Now, at last, “national liberation” can be declared, and a transitional government formed. But many have been dreading this moment, because they see it as the moment of truth. Consider this: all recent Western interventions, from Afghanistan to Iraq, started suspiciously well. Regime change was the easy bit. Only afterwards did trouble start – and this may yet prove to be the case in Libya.

The militiamen who have been fighting in Sirte will be drifting back to Tripoli. There they will come into contact with the heavily armed militias that already control the streets. These soldiers, many of whom were shopkeepers or unemployed before the revolution, do not represent anything like a unified army. Berbers from the western mountains control Tripoli’s central square, while the port is dominated by Misratan rebels, the same force that is claiming the credit for killing Gaddafi. Yet another group of rebels control the airport.

Heavily armed and intoxicated by their famous victory, all these militias – who have already marked out their own territories – represent different regions and in some cases rival ideologies

So the killing of Gaddafi has not brought the Libyan revolution to an end. In the words of one Tripoli-based Western diplomat: “The question now is: who owns the revolution?” Britain and France have our own narrative. We believe and hope that Gaddafi’s overthrow is an essential moment in the advance of democracy and freedom, not just in Libya but throughout North Africa and the Middle East.

This vision, shared by many Libyans who simply want security and the rule of law, is possible.

re: "the vision...is possible"

While it is virtually impossible to know what the truth is in regard to Gadhafi, the NWO's report of his death is highly doubtful. Gaddafi was not the problem. As revealed by the quote below from a Feb. '09 article, Gadhafi was/is an 'insider' - named at that time chairman of the 53 member African Union - with a "dream of transforming Africa". That "dream," it just so happens, is exactly the same as the "vision" of the Zionist-NWO'ers - global regional-government:

Gadhafi, Regional World Government 2-3-09 "DAKAR, Senegal — President Moammar Gadhafi of Libya was named chairman of the African Union on Monday, wresting control of a body he helped found and has long wanted to remake in his Pan-African image. His installation as the new head of the 53-member body resembled more of a coronation than a democratic transfer of power... Gadhafi is an ardent supporter of a long-held dream of transforming Africa — a collection of post-colonial fragments divided by borders that were drawn arbitrarily by Western powers — into a vast, unified state that could play a powerful role in global affairs...He has repeatedly proposed immediate unity and the establishment of a single currency, army and passport for the entire continent."

The real problem then is not Gadhafi, but the "certain factions long set in their ways", to quote the follow up post at top. These factions are identified in the telegraph.co.uk article above. It is they, not Gadhafi, who were standing in the way of the NWO's vision of a "New Libya". Before the 'vision' could ever happen in Libya, they would have to be dealt with. This is only now made "possible" with Gadhafi 'out of the picture'.
The old-order old-school Libya has been turned on it's ear, and the door is now wide open to bring in the novus ordo seclorum.

Gadhafi out represents a so-called paradigm shift for Libyans. Paradigm shift means everything you are used to changes all at once. Nothing is the same anymore. That is the situation in Libya as of today. Anything and everything can now be moved, changed, altered. This is necessary so that all the little A21 global communitarians can now rush in and start organizing communities and shift everything to 'public-private partnerships' and begin to 'Occupy Libya'.

Gadhafi's death is not believable. Nothing coming from the NWO Bureau of Propaganda is for that matter. Regardless, one world government means devouring nations by any means, one by one, and that is the issue here. They bombed their way in, tore the place apart for the last seven months, gave Gadhafi a pink slip and a gold watch, set up a NWO "transitional government", and are now patting themselves on the back. And another one down, another one down, another one bites the dust.
Compare, 4 more pending in Africa (not to mention Somalia): Bypassing Congress, Obama Sends U.S. Troops To 4 African Nations By 'Declaration' 10-15-11 "The first of the troops arrived in Uganda on Wednesday, the White House said, and others will be sent to South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo...The total conquest of Africa is front and center. By dictatorial decree."

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Ezekiel 13:11 'Say unto them which daub it with untempered morter, that it shall fall'

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