NWO's Underwear Bomber Conveniently 'Confesses'; Big Brother Global Security Stays

'Underwear bomber' pleads guilty to trying to blow up U.S. jet

The federal trial of the so-called underwear bomber came to an abrupt halt on Wednesday when the defendant, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, pleaded guilty to charges of trying to blow up an international flight heading for Detroit.

Abdulmutallab was charged with attempting to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 with a bomb in his underwear on Christmas 2009.

The bomb failed to detonate properly, and passengers then seized Abdulmutallab, who was burned in the incident, amid smoke and fire.

Abdulmutallab later told government investigators that he was working for an Al Qaeda group run by Anwar Awlaki, an American Muslim cleric recently killed in Yemen by U.S. and Yemeni forces. Awlaki's alleged role in the airline incident was one of the rationales for the U.S. attack on the cleric, who was never convicted in a U.S. court.

So the bumbling underwear bomber suddenly 'confesses' and the 'trial' comes to a screeching halt. End of story, case closed. "Al Queda"; who must be real since undie-boy 'worked for them' (says he); gets the blame, John Q. Public worldwide gets the increased "security"...and the loss of freedom that goes along with it. International travel gets wired into a global database, i.e. Big Brother tracking system, and 'boogie-man terrorists' out to get us become the new norm.

And so with all these new things, the world is forever changed. Obviously then it is mission accomplished - so why bother with a circus trial for what was nothing more than an NWO Bureau of Propaganda staged incident. That would just be a huge waste of time and money. Open to the next chapter already.

For the record, the way it went down:

Scripted Christmas Day Plane Incident To Bring About Globally Coordinated Airline Security? Interpol? 12-26-09 "Airline passengers see tighter security"

Scripted Plane Incident Used As Pretext For NWO Internationally Coordinated Air Travel 'Security' System 1-10-10 "Napolitano announces international airport security campaign"

Undie Bomber Update: EU And US To 'Strengthen Cooperation' To Control Global Air Travel 1-22-10 "EU and US agree to increase airport security"

TSA Announces Strip-Searches At U.S. Airports to Be "Mandatory" 3-21-10 "In a new attempt to curb terrorism on airplanes and in airports, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced this week that they plan on making full body scanners mandatory.

Believing the lying-kabbalist NWO propaganda is not mandatory. Walk in truth.
Psalms 86:11 Teach me thy way, O LORD; I will walk in thy truth

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