TSA 'VIPR' Program Moves Onto Highways in TN; NWO Bureau Of Propaganda Calls It "Brilliant'

Update on: TSA 'VIPR' Teams Moving Onto American Highways 2-2-22 It was less than six weeks ago that America was first formally introduced to the TSA's VIPR police state teams when they showed up unannounced at a Tampa bus station to give a little demonstration...a little muscle flexing...with the promise of 'more to come'.* True to their word the NWO-ers have now announced an "expansion". This 'expansion' will be a system of VIPR surprise checkpoints for the trucking industry out on the highways and byways of the U.S...looking for 'terrorists'...that mysterious invisible enemy of freedom that is lurking everywhere on the globe these days"
That announcement was eight months ago. The "expansion" is now up and running in Tennessee. The NWO Bureau of Propaganda here making the announcement, claiming boogie-man terrorists have shifted their activities from the airlines to truck bombs and car bombs, and between mocking and joking, actually call it "the most brillant thing...ever":

[quote from original video, since removed by youtube] "..now get ready because the TSA may be groping the tires...the TSA may be coming to your car...not just the full body scan at the airport...the positive spin...terrorist attack most likely to happen..not in an airline...it's probably in a truck bomb or a car bomb...the most brilliant thing...ever...having a dog pop-up to a car and sniff for any sort of explosives..."

[replacement video; 7-14-12]

First, introduce the concept of global terrorism, i.e. 'war on terror', etc.. Done. Second, introduce the concept of 'domestic terrorism'. Done. Third, turn America into a militarily controlled police state. Underway.

Video: 'Viper Teams' At Tampa; And 'One Eye' Illuminist Signal 11-29-10;
DHS: Police State Measures Coming To Hotels, Malls 12-26-10

The overall goal is to completely dominate and rule the entire planet. That too is underway. Be informed. Rev. 18:4

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