Per NWO Script, Authorities Now Coming To 'Tread' On Protesters; Wall Street Showdown Friday 10-14-11

Follow up on: Cui Bono? NWO 'Attacks' Free Speech, Hank Williams Jr. Comes Back With 'Rebel Theme Song' 10-11-11 "... a little song about the "United Socialist States of America....don't tread on me...just wait and see". And remarkably, it's just in time for the growing 'unrest' across the land" [see post]
Occupy Wall Street Eviction

Tomorrow at 7 am [Fri. 10-14-11], under Bloomberg's orders, the NYPD will evict the 99%...Unless we stop that from happening....
Wall Street protesters vow to resist eviction

Protesters campaigning against corporate greed have vowed to resist moves to oust them today from a park in Manhattan where they have been camping for a month.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters have been told by Mike Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, that Zucotti Park will be "cleaned" at 7am today – midday in the UK – and that they will have to leave, taking all their camping equipment with them.

Demonstrators warned last night that they do not intend to simply give in to efforts to clear them from Zuccotti Park. In a statement they said: "We won't allow Bloomberg and the NYPD to foreclose our occupation. This is an occupation, not a permitted picnic.

re: 'resist moves to oust them'

The 'treading' has to happen...so that the 'resistance' can form. That struggle is needed so that the insider-controlled "peaceful" protests can be taken to the next level - not so peaceful. The 'resistance' has a new rebel theme song ready to go too, compliments of Fox, ESPN, and Hank..."don't tread on me...just wait and see'"

"Occupy Wall Street: NWO Revolution Plan Underway; And Ron Paul 9-30-11 "[1-22-10] Either the government is reformed he says, or the much less desirable "option"' as [insider] Paul terms it, becomes "inevitable". That scenario, he predicts, involves unavoidable "political and social chaos", taking the form of a "street fight" to "restore liberties" with "blood running in the streets".

The novus ordo seclorum architects must have real 'chaos' if they are to destabilize American society as planned. They are masterminding this whole thing for that very purpose.

Tomorrow 10-14-11 begins the next phase, and it's about to get very real; stay tuned

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Fri. morning update: Showdown postponed
Rev. 18:4

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