Big Brother's Health 'Experts' Now Saying "Unvaccinated" Are A Threat To Society

Follow up on: Big Brother Threatens MI Health Workers, Bribing John Q. Public To Push Toxic-Soup Flu Shots 10-18-11 "Be very aware, the 'inject-the-world' campaign has no intention of forever 'stopping short' of the final goal...whatever it takes. Threats, bribery, force perhaps...?"
Unvaccinated People Affected By Largest Measles Outbreak In Years, USA

2011 has seen a considerable increase in reported measles cases in Canada and the USA - the vast majority of people who became ill were not vaccinated, informs James M. Hughes, MD, President of the Infectious Disease Society of America.

...when measles comes in from abroad, outbreaks can occur, mainly through unvaccinated Americans who travel abroad to Europe or other parts of the world, come back and infect others, most of whom are also unvaccinated. Infected foreign tourists coming into the USA are also a source of infection for unvaccinated Americans in the USA.

Infectious Disease Society of America president, James M. Hughes, said:
"Forest fires start with sparks, but unless there is sufficient dry tinder, they won't roar out of control. The same is true of outbreaks. The occasional case is not an issue, but when it occurs in a community where a fair number of people are not vaccinated it can cause serious problems. This is why vaccination is important. We don't want to return to the days when measles and other vaccination-preventable diseases were rampant."

Huong McLean, PhD, epidemiologist at the CDC, Atlanta, Georgia, said:
"The MMR vaccine is very safe and effective at preventing measles, and high coverage is critical for preventing outbreaks. Quick public health response limited the spread of the disease. But the more unvaccinated people there are in a community, the more difficult it is to control an outbreak."

Karyn Leniek, MD, MPH, deputy state epidemiologist for the Utah Department of Health, Salt Lake City, said:
"It is always a concern to have a large number of unvaccinated people in close proximity. Our goal is to have as many people vaccinated as possible to protect those who cannot receive the vaccine and who are not fully immunized."

re: the "unvaccinated"

Here it comes....the highest level parrots are all parroting the same tune: "unvaccinated unvaccinated...squawk...infect others...squawk...serious problems...squawk...protect the community...squawk"

Looks by all appearances to be the beginning of a massive propaganda program to push toward mandating toxic-soup injections for everybody. fyi

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