NWO Nuclear Phase Out Update: 4 Generator Failures At US Plants, Say They; And Revolution

Follow up on: Engineered Floods? North Dakota Flood Nuclear Plant Crisis Playing Into 'Global Nuclear Phase Out' 6-26-11 "Expect to see nuclear-plant catastrophes one after another. And understand what the loss of relatively cheap abundant electricity, which is what nuclear plants provide for much of the earth's populations, signifies. It signifies clearly that the very late-stage development of the globalist plan for totalitarian control of the planet by way of the great green scam is on...big time." [see post]
4 generator failures hit US nuclear plants

Associated Press= ATLANTA (AP) — Four generators that power emergency systems at U.S. nuclear plants have failed when needed since April, an unusual cluster that has attracted the attention of federal inspectors and could prompt the industry to re-examine its maintenance plans.

None of these failures has threatened the public. But the diesel generators serve the crucial function of supplying electricity to cooling systems that prevent a nuclear plant's hot, radioactive fuel from overheating, melting and potentially releasing radiation into the environment. That worst-case scenario happened this year when the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in Japan lost all backup power for its cooling systems after an earthquake and tsunami.

At a minimum, the failures have prompted NRC inspectors to increase their scrutiny at plants where the problems happened. Beyond that, industry officials and academics say the incidents could lead the NRC to formally warn nuclear plant operators about the recent failures and prompt utilities to reevaluate what can disable a generator. Some think these experiences may factor into upcoming rules the NRC will issue in response to the crisis in Japan.

Nuclear power plants not only across the country but even worldwide suddenly having 'crises' one after another? You think..?

Compare: Fukushima Causes Beginning Of NWO's Global "Nuclear Phase Out": Italy Opts In 6-18-11 "Still believe that the 'Fukushima crisis' is real?"..."But exactly what has the reported "Fukushima nuclear meltdown" really done? Only fast forwarded in miraculous fashion the kabalist global agenda to deconstruct western industrialized society in order to replace it with totalitarian control of the planet through a restrictive 'green' regulatory framework by which governments, industry, and people are to be micromanaged worldwide. That is fact."

The global serfdom cannot be allowed access to abundant cheap electricity, e.g. nuclear, for this gives them far too much freedom and makes it hard to control them - so it has to be taken away. Enter the the 'great green scam'. Solar and wind and grow your own food and ride rail. That's the plan...666 plantation slaves...believe it or not.

You are definitely seeing it though. And understand clearly that it will just keep coming, they have no plan 'b'. And most importantly, understand that revolution will not stop it...in fact, the rising 'global revolu-zion' will actually hasten it. By design. Rev. 18:4
Genesis 7:1 'And the LORD said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark' [here]

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