Occupy Update: After Oakland, NWO Agitates Some Denver Chaos

Follow up on: NWO Revolu-Zion Update: Occupy Oakland Turns Into Street Fight, Just Like Big Brother Wants 10-26-11
youtube "The most violent clash between OWS supporters and the police so far has erupted in Denver, as the authorities attempted to dismantle an Occupy camp. The Internet is swamped with hundreds of angry messages and pictures of rubber bullet wounds. Denver police took their best shot at dismantling the OWS camp over the weekend. To disperse the crowd they used tear gas, batons, and rubber bullets, which are considered to be a "safe deterrent."" [language alert]

The bottom line is that the ghoulish occult-worshiping globalists are finished with this country [here] and it is coming down. They have no further use for it as a base of operations and are pulling out. To them it is only one part of the 'North American continent'. To them it is not America, it is the "Homeland".

It too must be devoured by the 'beast' global system. The above video shows how they have decided to finish it off...instigate, then agitate. This is not a drill folks, the NWO master-planners are going all the way with this...and it is still only just beginning. Before long, as we have seen done throughout Europe, most recently Greece, they likely will play the "austerity" card here too. That will really 'agitate' the North American-ers.

Civil unrest - the permanent new norm in the homeland. Be circumspect.

destabilize, communitarian-ize, zion-ize
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but...against spiritual wickedness in high places." Eph. 6:12

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