Bypassing Congress, Obama Sends U.S. Troops To 4 African Nations By 'Declaration'

Obama sending troops to aid Africa anti-insurgency

WASHINGTON—Intervening in a volatile and brutal crisis, President Barack Obama said Friday he has dispatched 100 U.S. troops to central Africa to support a years-long fight against a guerrilla group accused of horrific atrocities. Obama said they were sent to advise, not engage in combat, unless forced to defend themselves.

In a letter to Congress, Obama said the troops will act as advisers in a long-running battle against the Lord's Resistance Army, considered one of Africa's most ruthless rebel groups, and help to hunt down its notorious leader, Joseph Kony.

The first of the troops arrived in Uganda on Wednesday, the White House said, and others will be sent to South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Obama declared his decision to send troops as in keeping with the national security interests of the United States. The White House announced it in a low-key fashion, releasing the Obama notification and justification of the troop deployment that the president sent to congressional leaders.

re: "declared his decision"

The most important thing to note with regard to this story is that in taking this action, the United States Constitution has been ignored and the U.S. Congress has been completely bypassed. 'Obama', the NWO spokesman, merely sent a letter to Congress in which he "declared his decision". "National security interests" and extraordinarily violent circumstances are claimed as the "justification".

That explanation might be more accurately described though as a 'pretext' for congressionally unauthorized military intervention in four more sovereign nations; in this case for further integration of the African continent into the so-called NWO. This African-integration agenda has been ongoing for some time now:

Non-Integrating Africa In the NWO Crosshairs: US Africom Attacks Somalia 3-14-10 "...the New York Times leaked U.S. military plans for the current offensive in Somalia on March 5 in a report titled “U.S. Aiding Somalia in Its Plan to Retake Its Capital.”...After the capital, the entire country. After Somalia, the region...The war has just begun"..."

This comment was made on that post: "The war" is ultimately for the entire continent of Africa though. While some African nations may already be on board with the NWO agenda (see 'African Union' below), many are not. The objective of "the war", as it expands beyond Somalia, is to fully integrate Africa into the NWO regional-government system. For that to happen the non-integrating (so-called) nations of Africa will need to be submitted if they are to take their place as part of the now-forming [11-4-08]
African 'Regional Union' of the one-world government. (see post)

Mandatory global 'integration' 4-15-08 "Thomas Barnett is a professor at the Navy War College in Rhode Island. He is author of the controversial book The Pentagon's New Map that identifies a "non-integrating gap" in the world that is resisting corporate globalization. Barnett defines the gap as parts of Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia..." [and] "Referring to Hitler in a recent presentation, Barnett reminded his military audience that the Nazi leader never asked for permission before invading other countries."
Not asking permission to integrate the non-integrators. By whatever means necessary. It is clear that it is the 'Thomas Barnett" plan that is being followed in the effort to sieze control of every nation on earth en route to Zionist global domination.

The total conquest of Africa is front and center. By dictatorial decree. Just like Hitler did it, according to Barnett.
These things are also the fulfilling of bible prophecy - the "fourth beast" is devouring the whole earth [Daniel 7:23]. Do you believe the Word of God?.

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