Canamerexico Coming Out Of The Closet

U.S. Chamber of Commerce's 4th Annual North American Forum: source

a few quotes from:
Remarks As Prepared for Delivery for U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman

Samuel W. Bodman at forum"The way I see it, this event could not come at a better time. With its focus on enhancing cooperation among the United States, Canada and Mexico - and on bringing together representatives of our governments and the private sector - you are helping to develop and achieve real and lasting solutions to some of our world's most significant challenges."

"North America is critical to determining the path forward for global energy development, delivery and consumption."

"In many ways, our collective success in shaping that future in a productive way will depend on our ability to come together and expand our regional cooperation"

"We will get there because we must. We have no choice."

"We are making good progress - through the North American Energy Working Group, which is a key component of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (or "SPP") launched by the leaders of our three nations in 2005. While we recognize the considerable progress-to-date, we also know that we have much more to do."

"And this is something that must underpin all our trilateral efforts, and a message we must continue to assert throughout this region, this hemisphere and around the world."

"In my view, we need more of this type of regional thinking, and look for additional ways to strengthen how we, as a continent, consider our future energy needs and make decisions that will impact us all."

"The bottom line, as I see it, is this: if our continent - and our world - is to meet our future energy needs - and do so in a way that is affordable, efficient, clean and secure - then we need massive and sustained levels of investment from our governments and from the private sector, and, to do that, we need enhanced cooperation between our governments and with industry."
re: "regional thinking", "we, as a continent"

In the language of government and industry leaders, the three countries of Canada, America, and Mexico have simply become North America, or, "our continent". Canamerexico. While this reality is not generally seen or understood by most, the implications are profound. Regional global government is here and is being openly espoused as never before. Independent sovereign nations are already in fact essentially a thing of the past, being absorbed into the 666 Agenda 21 model of a regional 'management system'..all the way down to the community level.

Any that understand what Agenda 21 aka 'sustainable development' really involves will know that the lifestyle changes will be dramatic. This 'regional governance' system is no wonderful Utopian scheme for the brotherhood of mankind. The unpleasant facts are that it is exactly the opposite (see: wrenching transformation ). It is a systematic takeover of every facet of life on the planet and is intended to enslave all of mankind under an authoritarian control of a self-professed elite class of global overlords.
It is truly the rise of the biblically prophesied 'kingdom' of the coming Antichrist. Believe it or not....

for a concise look at a few of the prophecies, see: bible prophecy; stone-builders-rejected

see also under 'labels', to the right: "ten kings- Dan. 7:24 "
Isaiah 17:12 Woe to the multitude of many people, which make a noise like the noise of the seas; and to the rushing of nations, that make a rushing like the rushing of mighty waters! 13 The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters: but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.

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