Greg Laurie of Calvary Chapel Endorses Purpose Driven Apostasy

Thank you to Lighthouse Trails Research for another well written and informative article

Greg Laurie Connects Purpose Driven to a Move of God - Gives Financial Support
Source: Editors at Lighthouse Trails

"And now this brings us to the unpleasant task of reporting that Greg Laurie is giving a strong promotion of Rick Warren and Bill Hybels, which means he is indirectly promoting contemplative and emerging (which we will explain later in this article), and directly promoting Purpose Driven."

"And unfortunately, there is a twist to this story. In Laurie's May 2008 letter to pastors and leaders, Laurie talks about his upcoming crusade in New York City, saying, in reference to it, "God is on the move." He then states that "[t]his move is also seen in the formation of the New York City Leadership group. Under their direction, a community-wide 40 Days of Purpose campaign with Pastor Rick Warren has been launched, and the significant services of Bill Hybels' Leadership Summit conferences are also being organized to strengthen the local church." Because Laurie has publicly connected Purpose Driven to a move of God and calls Willow Creek's conferences "significant," Lighthouse Trails has no choice but to issue this warning to the body of Christ."

"In addition to Greg Laurie's letter to pastors regarding Rick Warren and Bill Hybels, Lighthouse Trails has also learned that Laurie is also helping to finance Warren's September event in New York. Lighthouse Trails contacted the New York City Leadership group this past week after we learned that Laurie's name was on their website showing him to be a sponsor. The New York City office said that this sponsorship is in the way of financial support and is for Rick Warren's September conference. There are two "Event Sponsors": Greg Laurie and a legal firm in New York. Without a doubt, Laurie supports Purpose Driven."
fyi: a note from someone with a long history and heavy involvement with Calvary Chapels (that would be me) who had to separate years ago because of these very trends, which things were, when exposed, completely disregarded:

Calvary Chapel-ers: here is a must read article (click title) for all Calvary Chapel-ers, because the 'gone-global' purpose-driven apostasy has now found an open door at CC's, byway of one of the 'favorite sons' of the Calvary churches. Get informed on these issues as you are being openly confronted with this un-Christian delusion and may have to make some serious decisions, depending on how this plays out. In fact, if you are a supporter of Greg Laurie Ministries you are already involved. Something to think about.

Watch closely.

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"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."

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