Floodzone Madness and Big Brother

Government “Strike Teams” Invade Homes, Harass Flood Victims: source

"Shocking footage out of Cedar Rapids Iowa shows cops and government employee "strike teams" breaking into houses of flood victims and threatening anyone who questions their actions in complete violation of the 4th amendment right that protects against unlawful search and seizure."

"No warrant, no knock home invasions are being carried out on the flimsy pretext of "checking for structural damage" as cops harass and threaten with arrest people who refuse to have their homes ransacked by thugs in uniforms."

"People who attempt to gain access to their home before it has been "cleared" by authorities
are being apprehended, and those who attempt to drive around police checkpoints that have been set up in the affected areas are arrested at gunpoint."

""Each strike team consisted of six or seven people, including police, firefighters, utilities workers, and city employees,"
reports the Iowa Gazette."
related article, must see youtube video: here
re: 'Strike teams of...'

fyi: disturbing trends in the 'homeland'....recommend carefully reading both articles and viewing the videos, especially the video from the second article ('must see' above). The way things are looking, it appears that there is truly a 'method to the madness'. Decide for yourself though.
compare with:
Mississippi just participated in a three-state exercise for: martial-law
We are logistically ready to implement martial law says: Northcom

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