Global Warming Propaganda Campaign Goes Sicko

re: M. Night Shyamalan's horror film "The Happening"
excerpted from editorial movie review: source
A Planet Without People
By JOSEPH RAGO June 20, 2008

""The Happening" is no "Kangaroo Jack." It's appalling all right, not as entertainment but in the literal sense of genuine moral obscenity. Few major studio releases are so thoroughly pro-death, so deeply anti-human. We have arrived at a strange moment in American pop culture when movie-goers spend two hours in the theater being informed that we all deserve to die.'

"The "happening" is millions of men, women and children killing themselves.....The deaths, first believed to be terrorism, are actually acts of nature. Trees are releasing an airborne neurotoxin, as revenge against mankind for global warming, pollution and nuclear power. The genocide, we are told, is condign punishment for our ecological crimes."

"The conceit extends a metaphor Al Gore proposed in his 2007 Nobel lecture: If "we have begun to wage war on the Earth itself," why wouldn't the Earth fight back? By the end of the film, the dwindling band of survivors -- whose more sensible response would have been to blanket the world's forests with Agent Orange -- repents, and is thus spared hideous death."
fyi: People need to be aware of the immense scope of the so-called 'global warming/climate change' agenda being used to transform the world into global governance. Civilization worldwide is at risk, we would be led to believe, unless we adapt our "destructive western lifestlyes" (see: unsustainable), and in turn adopt a "sustainable" model of an eco-friendly community-based global management plan.
There will be no escaping the indoctrination attempts from every quarter (e.g. schools, colleges...got any kids in the schools?). It will only intensify and being prepared to deal with it is the only answer.
And apparently, as seen in this Hollywood creation, there are no qualms with resorting to the use of the sick and bizzare to mold the minds...to achieve the outcome: compliant global-citizens.

Guard your mind.

compare: gore propaganda-campaign (follow links, connect dots)

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