'One World Church' Rising From The Earth

Red Alert!
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Rick Warren joins movement to end religious conflict: source

"NEW YORK - Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Friday that leaders in an interdependent world must work to end religious conflict or face "catastrophe" as he introduced a new foundation dedicated to interfaith understanding."

"Religion is as important in this century as political ideology was in the last, Blair said. The Tony Blair Faith Foundation will fight extremism, organize faith groups against poverty and illness, and educate people worldwide about religions other than their own, he said."

"Former President Bill Clinton, who became a close friend of Blair's when both men were in office, opened the event, putting his arm around the former prime minister and calling his faith "genuine" and "deep.""

"A Blair representative said the group has received donations and pledges in the tens of millions of dollars from individuals, charitable groups, companies and governments."
The group's advisory council includes evangelical megapastor Rick Warren, who with his wife, Kay, advocates for HIV/AIDS victims worldwide; Ismail Khudr Al-Shatti, an adviser to the prime minister of Kuwait; and world Baptist and Jewish leaders. Catholic Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor of Westminster, England, has pledged to join the council when the pope allows him to retire.

Blair told the crowd that although Islamic extremism draws the most attention, "there are elements of extremism in every major faith."
"Sayyid Syeed, a national leader of the Islamic Society of North America and a veteran of interfaith outreach, said it is possible to find common ground without watering down religious teachings if the work is based on sound scholarship about each faith."

'Richard C. Levin, Yale's president, who shared the stage with Blair and two young American Muslim leaders, said the community service programs that will be part of the foundation's work will build a bond among young people, despite any theological differences."
re: "tens of millions of dollars...from individuals, charitable groups, companies and governments"...community service programs...building 'bonds' despite 'theological differences'...and fighting "extremism"...i.e. those who will not sing in 'awakened' global religious harmony. compare: tony-blair-world-wide-awakening
aka: Moving the world's religions into a manageable framework for global domination
Heavily funded and now being openly promoted and coordinated on an unprecedented world-wide scale through all sectors of society from single individuals to companies and governments, the globalist agenda to move all of the various religions of the world into a single manageable framework is now to be forced on the peoples of the world. The ante is clearly being raised to a very high level as this phase of the 'world transformation project' gets underway, and any who would resist this 'inter-religious merging for the common good of mankind' will be labeled "extremists", and are to be fought against, to use Tony Blair's phraseology.
This should be reason to sit up and take notice for any of the few who still hold fast to true biblical faith. True biblical faith is absolutely incompatible with Bill Clinton, Tony Blair's, and Rick Warren's globally inclusive one-world-religion building agenda. The pressure to conform is going to be applied though, this should be understood, and it will become very strong in the times just ahead...are you informed and prepared....are you watching and praying (Luke 21:36) and..."Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ." (Titus 2:13)? It's time to do so....
Note: Building community service networks will create working systems comprised of various organizations. Once these service networks begin to function, the people involved, without any awareness on their part, will have been trained (brainwashed) to take orders from the top down and to unquestioningly do as they're told (see 'update' link above for example). Once trained, they can then be managed through that network system and utilized as needed by the global management teams. That's how it is designed to work. It's their "purpose" in life, according to the Rick Warren dogma. Drone worker bees for the new-world order, bowing their collective knees in 'bonded' spiritual harmony. That's the so-called "purpose-driven-life" for the new global interreligous citizen of the kingdom of the Antichrist, which is what is actually being pieced together here. Rev. 18:4

These are dramatic and extremely important developments in regard to biblical prophecy:

"In the book of Revelation the one called Antichrist is seen as initially rising from the political world, and in seeking to establish global control in the political realm, he will "go forth conquering, and to conquer." [Rev. 6:2] Also seen is a second world leader, this one to come from the religious or 'spiritual world, and he rises to power as the head over a global interfaith conglomeration. This will be the personage described in God's Word as the 'false prophet' (Rev. 13:11; 16:13; 19:20). This system of blended religions will be politically compatible and allowed for a period of time, an adjustment period if you will, but at a later point the job of the 'false prophet' will be to re-direct the different "faith traditions" to the worship of the Antichrist himself. He will have supernatural power, as will the Antichrist, to accomplish his 'mission', as this verse in the thirteenth chapter of the Book of Revelation reveals:" read full: job-opening-false-prophet
Rev. 13:11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

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Theophilus said...

One of the ancient goals of Babylon (Mystery Religion) is to combine all religions into one, thereby NEGATING them all, not allowing any one to stand as the only truth. This is why when you join Freemasonry, they tell you that you can "keep your religion". But, once you get to the upper levels, you are worshipping Lucifer. It's clear to me that as the religious amalgamation continues toward this "one world religion", that God is bundling up the tares to throw them in the fire.