'Sustainable Community' Street Teams Beta Version

Anti-crime `street teams' to mobilize in St. Louis: source

Organizers are recruiting `street teams' for high-crime neighborhoods in St. Louis
Jun 06, 2008

"Black leaders who organized an anti-crime march that drew tens of thousands to St. Louis last weekend are recruiting "street teams" to mobilize in high-crime neighborhoods.'

"Teams of men will be assigned a neighborhood to visit regularly to talk with youth about teen pregnancy, drugs and gang violence. The teams, including former gang members, will also encourage residents to report crimes to police."

"Plans also call for partnering with other groups to mentor young people, and regular neighborhood summits."
"Teams of men 'assigned' to neighborhoods to visit regularly"...."partnering with other (as yet unnamed) groups to mentor", and "regular neighborhood summits". Welcome to police/citizen partnering for the sustainable community model of Agenda 21 one world government, beta version. This is that...and, coming soon to communities everywhere. Might be knocking on your door one day before long.

compare with the eerily similar but more advanced version in UK:
also: town-'hall monitors'

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