Govt. Re-Education Camps UK

New plan to tackle violent extremism: source
Mentors to be drafted in to help reverse the process of radicalisation

"A nationwide "deradicalisation" programme is being developed to tackle people who have been drawn into Islamist violent extremism in Britain, the government will reveal today."
""The Home Office said the strategy was needed to help bring back those who had "already crossed the line" in terms of ideology and outlook, but not yet committed any clear criminal offence."
"It cites the example of a community based programme in Leicester that is already mentoring "vulnerable individuals" using techniques including encouraging them to feel more valued and to eradicate myths and assumptions which have led to them becoming alienated and disempowered."
""It is vital that individuals and communities understand this and have the confidence to use the support structures that we shall be developing.""
"Another potential factor is a lack of trust in British political structures to represent their interests."
"Smith also discloses today the 24 police forces that will share the 300 extra specially trained counterterrorism officers that she announced during the local elections campaign in April."
Forced "mentoring for "eradicating myths and assumptions"..."lack of trust in....political structures"
This article is an update of a post entitled 'preventative-police', with an article which speaks of the creation of a special police unit in Britain that will be tasked with identifying these 'societal misfits', or extremists, which is Tony Blair's new buzzword, of which sort are found in all religions says Tony, not just Islam. The comment below the article asks the question of whether or not these "extremists" would be shipped off to "re-education camps". Apparently that is exactly what is planned, and already happening in at least one 'community'.
The non-conforming of any who will not bow to the vision of the enlightened masters of the new world will likely be all that is necessary to be labeled as an extremist. This would automatically include all real Christians, as opposed to those who are already on board with the 'vision'..ie. the Warrenite's, the emerger's, and the various dominionist sects.
In or out?
"It is vital that individuals and communities understand this"....because no dissent to your global masters will be tolerated. You will dwell compliantly within the designated boundaries of your sustainable communities, and will do as you're told. The political structures being put in place are there to represent your best interests...trust us on this!
Lest we forget...what is happening in the UK is simply the advancing of the bigger global agenda. The same system is for all, worldwide. It's a GLOBAL-MANAGEMENT-system...and the UK is just the prototype right now. 665 3/4?
compare: UK police; right-hand-or-forehead
Mark 13: 33 Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.

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