Big Brother Goes Fishing...To Catch You!

update on: ocean-surveillance-grid

Recreational anglers are upset over a plan to license them for enjoying an avocation: starbulletin

"Recreational anglers and spearfishers will have to register and eventually pay $15 to $25 for a license to fish in water 3 to 200 miles off shore, according to rules proposed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The saltwater fishing registration would begin next year, but fees will not be collected until 2011."

"It will also satisfy the recommendation to create a national database of saltwater fishers."
re: License to fish; national databases

Permission to fish? When the absurd and real life intersect, then we have a definite problem. A national database of recreational fishermen falls into that category of the absurd, except that is just another ominous sign of the unrelenting push, piece by piece, for the absolute-control over every aspect of the lives of Ameri....uh, excuse me....'homelanders'. Yes, under the proposed new regulation, all 'homeland' citizens will have to register and be monitored for boating (see links) and fishing activities.

It's a new day in the homeland comrades. Can you smell the coffee...it's burning.

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big-brother on water

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