"Airlines Packing It In..."

update: air-travel-being-reshaped

Fliers in for pain as airlines pack it in: usatoday

"The USA's air-travel map is shrinking fast, dropping scores of routes and flights that airlines simply can't afford anymore in a world of $130-a-barrel oil."

"A USA TODAY analysis of fall airline schedules shows the nation's most popular vacation destinations will be among the biggest air-service losers. Many flights to Honolulu, Orlando, Las Vegas and other favorite vacation venues have vanished or will soon because cheap tickets bought by tourists don't cover the cost of getting there."

"But large cities in the shadow of larger airline hub airports will suffer disproportionate losses."

"Small cities won't be spared. More than 50 small airports in the Lower 48 states serving places such as Rockford, Ill., and Stockton, Calif., will lose a third or more of the service they had last October as measured by seats on domestic flights."

Where airlines quit flying, reduced competition will allow the remaining carriers to push up fares.

"The good times are about to end for consumers," says airline consultant Mo Garfinkle of GCW Consulting. "They've had it too good, with low fares, for too long. These cuts are just the first step; we will see more this fall."

"Some airports that are smaller and lower-fare alternatives to big metropolitan airports are losing far more service than their big-city counterparts, where fares are typically higher. In some cases, as they park scores of planes, airlines are simply withdrawing from so-called secondary airports."
"Fliers in for pain.."

Airline travel, i.e freedom of movement, will not be 'sustainable' in the new order. In other words, the peoples ability to come and go as they please cannot be 'sustained' in the micromanaged future of the planet, and so must be phased out. This is "just the first step" according to one 'expert', quoted in the above article.

The pain is coming, as we are being told upfront. This is really happening, and it's happening today...now, and will become more and more noticeable on every side. And it won't make any difference who's the next predident, because it's part of the "wrenching transformation" (see: unsustainables and globalism) prescribed by the gaia-eco agenda of the 666 world dominators. The politicians are already on board.
'Sustainable development' is not thy friend....
stay tuned...much more to come
Isa. 55:6-7

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