Salmonella Tomatoes Call For RFID's?

Salmonella outbreak linked to raw tomatoes strikes about 150: source

"The FDA initially issued a warning June 3 about tomatoes in New Mexico and Texas. Saturday, officials expanded the warning nationwide."

""We're trying to get an answer as quickly as possible as to where these tomatoes came from," says David Acheson, director of the FDA's Food Safety and Security Staff."

"The FDA hasn't been able to track the source of the contaminated tomatoes to a single grower or packer or even a specific geographic area. It is working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state health departments and the food industry to track the cause of the outbreak."
re: salmonella tomatoes
FDA hasn't been able to track the source..to a grower or packer...or a geographic area"
Looks like the entire industry will now need to begin RFID tracking of produce, which will have the effect of creating federal oversight and new governmental partnering with private industry (A21)...just like the new pilot program that was rolled out in Hawaii less than two months ago (see below) to RFID-track tomatoes and "other produce'..."from farm to market". The first of it's kind in the nation. Prediction: the program will now begin to expand nationwide...maybe even Canada. Watch and see.
The Agenda-21 (A21) globalist MO is painfully obvious. Big Brother will control everything.
Hawaii first state to track produce with microchips for food safety; radio tags to track food

"The Hawaii Department of Agriculture will rollout a three-year pilot project this month to track and trace tomatoes and other produce using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The system uses microchips with paper-thin antennae stuck onto produce boxes that emit radio waves when scanned.

"Hawaii would be the first state to test RFID from farm to market".
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