Canamerexico Driver's License Begins

New Enhanced Drivers Licenses Allow Travel Throughout North America: buffalonews
May 27, 2008

'ALBANY — New York State motorists this summer will be able to obtain new, higher-security driver’s licenses, enabling them to travel to and from Canada and other Western Hemisphere destinations without the need for a passport.'

"New York’s program for enhanced driver’s licenses, which will cost an additional $30 fee and be available only to U. S. citizens, was given final approval by the U. S. Department of Homeland Security after seven months of discussions between state and federal officials.'

re: inter-continent license

Welcome to the western region of the 'coming-out-of-the-closet' one-world government. The "U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security', apparently sovereign over all others nowadays, has granted permission to create a new inter-continent western hemisphere driver's license, starting with the state of NY. With your new "higher security" NAU (North American Union) 'enhanced' continental license you will be able to travel throughout Canamerexico.
You may not be able to afford to travel...that's another issue altogether. But you will have a western hemisphere ID just the same!

With all this collaboration between the western regional 'homelands' it looks like the monetary systems will have to be merged next, just like the South American 'homelands' are now planning to do.
Merging the monetary system is a very big deal! (see post below or: SAU single currency)

Still in denial?

compare: south-american-union (southern region)
and: realigning the nations (Ten kings shall arise...Dan. 7:24)

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