"ye shall be as gods"...Not!

fyi: A few excerpts from an 'expert' opininon piece, showing clearly the mindset behind the dangerous genetic-manipulation experimentation currently underway across the globe today. It will mean the end of human beings, according to this Professor of Bioethics.
May 17, 2008: timesonline.co.uk
Who’s afraid of a synthetic human?

If we can enhance our species - make it live longer and resist disease - we should do it

by John Harris, Professor of Bioethics at the University of Manchester and author of Enhancing Evolution (Princeton University, 2007)

"In the future there will be no more human beings. This is not something we should worry about."

"Darwinian evolution has taken millions of years to create human beings; the next phase of evolution, a phase I call “enhancement evolution”, could occur before the end of the century. The result may be the emergence of a new species that will initially live alongside us and eventually may entirely replace humankind."

"Now is the time to try to answer this question, because many recent discoveries are beginning to make the prospect of radical human enhancement a reality."

"This is heady stuff, and if it works may give us unprecedented powers."

"Some of these possibilities are so radical that the creatures benefiting from them would no longer be “human”, in the way we think of it. The end of humanity then is not in itself a concern; making sure that those who replace us are better than we are is a huge and timely concern."

re: "give us unprecendented powers"


There's the bait. The same bait was offered to Eve by the serpent in the garden thousands of years ago.."ye shall be as gods.." (Gen. 3:5). Now the same serpent has once again dangled the same baited hook in front of these godless humanists and they have bit down hard on it, just as did the first man Adam so long ago.

Problem for them, and it's a big problem, is that that serpent..."is a liar, and the father of it." (John 8:44) His goal is to possess them and to be worshiped by them; and they will do it too! (Rev. 13:4)
The 'set up' is working...

compare these two posts and comments for a more complete picture:

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