Where do you think you're going?

American Airlines leading the charge for the global management system takedown of the Air Travel Industry
American to cut flights, charge for baggage: newsday
May 21, 2008

"Citing the weak economy and fuel costs that have increased by billions of dollars in the last few years, American Airlines said Wednesday it will charge $15 for passengers' first checked bag, reduce its capacity by at least 11 percent, and layoff off thousands of employees."

"A major consumer group and an airline analyst said other carriers may follow American's lead, and airplanes will be even more crowded, particularly during this summer's peak travel season."

"United Airlines said it was "seriously studying" American's baggage charge -- which was seen as unprecedented for a major U.S. carrier.

Robert W. Mann Jr., an independent airline analyst and consultant in Port Washington, said he believes American will have to reduce capacity further as fuel costs continue to rise.

"But I think this is the new reality as airlines seek to find revenue sources in whatever service they provide to passengers," Stempler said.
re: new reality of the "reshaped" airline industry (click 'update' link above for more details)

This announcement of the "new reality" of air travel should be taken seriously. Higher charges, no baggage, cutting flights, layoffs, and more to come. It's just beginning, so hold on to your hats because it's going to be a whirlwind. The turning point has come, according to Henry Kissinger. The 666 global system is about to be jump started. In this global system all global citizens are to be compliant and abide quietly in their "sustainable communities". Everything you can possibly need is to be found within your own community in your own little section of the 'homeland'... this is why these "human habitations" (UN speak) are referred to as 'sustainable'. You won't need to go anywhere..it will all be there sustaining everyone. This also explains the absurd artificially inflated no-end-in-sight rising gas prices.
So don't worry about air travel...you're not going anywhere. Don't believe it? Watch and see...
Sustainable developement go-fers...are you catching on yet?

connect the dots, see the 'big' picture:
permission to travel;
intl. travel registration;
then there were three, then there were.. ;

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