Local Hawaii News: Hawaiian Governor Given Dictatorial Powers

update on: martial law Hawaii?

Emergency-power veto stands: honoluluadvertiser
Senate had the votes to override Lingle, but House opts to back off
May 2 '08

"State lawmakers yesterday failed to override Gov. Linda Lingle's veto of a bill that would have restricted her emergency powers."

"The state Senate had the two-thirds' votes necessary for the override, but state House leaders chose not to attempt an override after counting votes."

"The Republican governor mentioned the bill this week when several lawmakers suggested she declare an emergency to respond to the shutdown of Aloha Airlines' cargo unit."

""The bill would have restricted the governor's power to declare an emergency in situations that did not involve natural or man-made disasters or enemy or terrorist attacks.""
With this newly passed legislation, the governor of the state of Hawaii has now been granted what are being called "emergency powers". These new "emergency powers" are to be used at his/her discretion and are "without limitations" (click on update link above), which means for any reason deemed necessary, including things like "massive oil spills, nuclear accidents, airplane crashes, and civil disturbances." (see update)
There need be no oversight from either the State House of Representatives or from the State Senate, whether in session or not in session. A virtual dictatorial power in other words.
Now here is an amazing thing concerning what has just happened. This bill to restrict these "emergency powers" had passed through the Hawaiian State Congress only to be vetoed by the governor who apparently did not want any of those 'ol checks and balances that can be so limiting. But, with the congress vowing to override the veto it looked certain that the bill would pass anyway. Suddenly though, the lawmakers 'saw the light' after this week's near-miss with the almost-emergency of Aloha Air Cargo shutting down, cutting off inter-island air shipments. Many calls for an 'emergency declaration' were heard. Neal Abercrombie, one of the Hawaiian representatives in the U.S. House even called for the National Guard to be deployed. Next thing you know the 'restricted emergency powers' veto-override is called off, the 'unrestricted power' of the governor becomes law, and just as quickly, the Aloha Air Cargo division is suddenly resurrected the following day and back in business. Go figure...
Compare with recent 3-state martial-law dry run.

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