"Post-human" era has begun

Scientist team creates first GM human embryo: timesonline.co.uk

"Scientists have created what is believed to be the first genetically modified (GM) human embryo."

"A team from Cornell University in New York produced the GM embryo to study how early cells and diseases develop. It was destroyed after five days."

"The effects of changing an embryo would be permanent. Genes added to embryos or reproductive cells, such as sperm, will affect all cells in the body and will be passed on to future generations."

"The Cornell team did not have permission to allow the embryo to progress, however."

"However, Dr David King, director of Human Genetics Alert, warned: “This is the first step on the road that will lead to the nightmare of designer babies and a new eugenics."
re: delusional dreams of the planet's 'elite'

This 'men-who-would-be-god' genetic game does have a definable goal, it's not just random experimentation. It has a name also. That name is "post-humanism". 'Post' as in 'past'. The human species is due for an upgrade, or 'enhancement', as the thinking goes....while the 'non-enhanced' human would eventually become obsolete in this starry eyed fantasy of self salvation.

The definable goal is to 'recreate' themselves as a new species of demigods. No longer just plain old humans, but a foolish dream of self evolving godhood, and a quest for immortality. This demonically-inspired delusional dream is sometimes referred to by the term 'post-human', and sometimes it's called 'superhuman', which describes what they would like to accomplish....becoming super-humans.

Ever seen the TV show "Heroes"? That would be the basic idea.

see: animal-human hybrid laws
and: chimeras

Deuteronomy 32:17 They sacrificed unto devils, not to God; to gods whom they knew not, to new gods that came newly up, whom your fathers feared not.

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