Brussels 'spouts' the climate propaganda...

Brussels turns to gods for climate change: euobserver

"EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - Brussels officials have turned to religious VIPs to help spread the gospel of an environmentally friendly society and increase awareness of climate change in their parishes, as well as promoting tolerance between different confessions in Europe."

"Twenty high-level representatives – 19 men and one woman - from European Christian, Jewish and Muslim congregations met in Brussels on Monday (5 may) to discuss the sensitive issues of climate change and reconciliation between peoples."

"The success in the fights against climate change relies to a great extent on changes in our habits, in our philosophies in our world outlook and the consumer society that has created superficial needs - needs that justify consumption."

"From its headquarters just across the street from the inter-religious meeting, a spokesperson from the church of scientology, a faith that is growing rapidly in Europe, told EUobserver that Brussels should also look at minority religions in Europe when deciding who to put on the invitation list for upcoming meetings.''
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re: spreading the 'gospel' in the EU

It's amazing to see the world-wide choreography of the world transformers. It is truly world wide as never before seen and is being pulled together at the highest levels of governments and merging world religions. Even the scientologists are making a bid to get in on the action to help spread the new global religion..."the gospel of an environmentally friendly society".

And what is the creed of this new inter-religious gospel of environmental happiness? It's core tenants are these, quoting from above: Changing our habits, our philosophies, and also, opposing the destructive ways of the "consumer society". But the language, as always, must be carefully interpreted. In this interpretation, what it really means is that the master plan of absolute control over the 'slave class' will mean a radically altered lifestyle for them...and the reality is that it is really happening....worldwide!

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fyi: How bizzare is the 'rapidly growing' religion of scientology?

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