I.E.D.'s DHS and FBI

DHS: States must develop I.E.D. plan

May 26. 2008
States Chafing at U.S. Focus on Terrorism: the-dispatch

"Juliette N. Kayyem, the Massachusetts homeland security adviser, was in her office in early February when an aide brought her startling news. To qualify for its full allotment of federal money, Massachusetts had to come up with a plan to protect the state from an almost unheard-of threat: improvised explosive devices, known as I.E.D.’s."

"“I.E.D.’s? As in Iraq I.E.D.’s?” Ms. Kayyem said in an interview, recalling her response. No one had ever suggested homemade roadside bombs might begin exploding on the highways of Massachusetts."

"In the case of this year’s focus on improvised explosives, the main killer of American troops in Iraq, Homeland Security officials say the attention to the domestic threat stems from a classified strategy that President Bush approved last year that is designed to help the country to deter and defeat I.E.D.’s before terrorists can detonate them here."

'The administration is completing a plan to assign specific training, prevention and response duties to several federal agencies, including the F.B.I. and Homeland Security, the officials said.

“I.E.D. detection, protection, and prevention is an important issue, and we all need to be looking at that,” Matthew Bettenhausen, California’s homeland security director, said in a telephone interview.

"Leesa Berens Morrison, Arizona’s homeland security director, said the new federal guidance “absolutely surprised us,” and said state officials were scrambling to comply."

'Maj. Gen. Tod M. Bunting, the homeland security director for Kansas, said Washington ran the risk of raising undue public alarm by prescribing such a large part of the grant to bomb prevention.'
re: "new federal guidance", 'Homeland' Security Directors, and "scrambling to comply"

Wonder if we can get this straight. A classified (secret) strategy approved by Bush to "detect and deter" the domestic threat of I.E.D.'s, which calls for a completed plan that would arrange for "specific training, prevention, and response duties to several federal agencies, including the FBI and DHS.

In other words, more inter-agency/inter-state planning and collaboration, the end result being the futherance of the just-around-the-corner monolithic police-state monster formerly known as the USA. Looks like the individual state 'homeland' security directors are calling the shots already. It's a new day people.
Would I.E.D.'s 'going off' be a provocation for war? Just wondering....
see: 'fusion' centers/homeland-update;
and beast-never-sleeps

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