Christendom News: 'Grace Bretherns' Infiltrated Too

"FGBC (Fellowship of Grace Brethern Churches) Promotes Contemplative Spirituality and the Emerging Church" : lighthousetrailsresearch

some brief excerpts from article:

The FGBC (Fellowship of Grace Brethern Churches) is an association of 260 North American churches of the Grace Brethern movement, which has an historical heritage dating back to the 18th century. Currently, there are over 2000 churches and around 750,000 Grace Brethern members.

"Thus, it is most unfortunate to report that FGBC is heading into the contemplative/emerging camp through several various avenues."

"The CE National is a ministry arm of FGBC that provides "ministries and resources" to educate and lead FGBC children, youth, and adults...Last December, the Commission exposed students to emerging church leader and New Age-practice proponent Rob Bell"

one of CE National's leaders, Bob Hetzler"...... "just about one month ago, Hetzler recommended people read Brian McLaren and other pro-emerging books..."

"The last avenue our report will point out is that FGBC is allowing contemplative/emerging influences through their youth events. Momentum, taking place this June, recommends several ministries such as Youth Specialties and CPYU"

note: read more on the deceptive global-spiritual agenda of McLaren

re: providing "ministries and resources"; national leaders

To read of another church denomination being given over to what is nothing less than the global interspiritual agenda; which is necessary (according to theory) for the smooth-functioning of the global-management-system now being implemented; should not really come as a surprise to anybody who can discern the apostasy of the day and hour in which we live. None of these things are "just happening by themselves".
This destruction has been and is being accomplished byway of infiltration, through the use of high level national 'leaders' and their manipulative tactics to promote heretical teachers and to disseminate materials designed to corrupt biblical Christianity, merging it into what will ultimately be the final apostate one-world spirituality....that very thing that will eventually find itself bowing to and paying obeisance to the Antichrist himself.
It's here now, and the leaven is spreading throughout. The apostates have taken control and are openly asserting themselves from the 'top down'. Herein is the problem for the individual. If you are riding on that bus, you will end up wherever that bus is going...and that bus is heading into the abyss. Recommend reading the full article from Lighthouse (linked at top) and learning the who, what, and where, so that if it comes down to it, whatever church you belong to, you'll know to 'jump out' at the next bus stop! "come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins.." Rev. 18:4
compare with the very similar thing happening in the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools) : christian-school-betrayal
"..even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord" (2 peter 2:1)

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