Sodom and Gomorrah...uh California

fyi: update on ca-supreme?-court-allows-homosexual marriage

Schwarzenegger: Gay Marriage Might Bring in Money: newsmax
May 23, 2008

"California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says...."

"You know, I'm wishing everyone good luck with their marriages and I hope that California's economy is booming because everyone is going to come here and get married," he said at an Environmental Defense Fund event in Sacramento."

"California's supreme court legalized gay marriage last week. It takes effect in less than 30 days."

"Schwarzenegger has refused to support an effort sponsored to ban gay marriage in the state constitution"
and on the opposition side:

Supremes asked to give voters a chance 'We trust the high court will respect the democratic process': wnd
May 22, 2008

"A petition has been submitted to the California Supreme Court asking the justices there to delay the effective date of their same-sex marriage opinion until voters have their say on the issue."
"ADF attorneys say the court should avoid "obvious legal problems" that could develop when California voters vote in November on a state constitutional amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman.

"The possibility of significant and unnecessary legal and social problems can be avoided by waiting to see what the California people desire when it comes to the meaning of marriage," he said

"We hope that the court will allow the California people to have their say on the amendment without enduring the potential problems associated with implementing the court’s decision before then."
re: implementing the court's decision..or postponing until after a voter referendum on a constitutional amendment to overturn the court's decision?
Most likely many thousands would flood into the state to participate in California's ungodly homosexual marriage parody during the approximately four-month window before the November election, creating tremendous confusion/chaos. The agenda may even come knocking on the door of your California church, demanding to be married by the pastor....
Have to wait and see what happens next..the ball's back in the Supremes? court.
compare with: lgbt-pushing-agenda
1Peter 4:18 And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?

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