Air travel being 'reshaped'

Rising costs reshaping air travel across the USA: usatoday

"Record-high oil prices are threatening to ground millions of travelers who have grown accustomed to flying for fun and business during the past 30 years."

"But with today's unprecedented jet fuel prices, airline executives and aviation analysts are warning that only extreme fare increases and dramatic cutbacks in flights will enable the industry to cover a 2008 jet fuel bill the airlines' trade group projects will be 44% higher than last year's."

"Such huge cutbacks in airline capacity would transform the industry that Americans have come to know — and reshape the way they travel."

'"Some leisure travelers are going to be priced out" of flights, says Tom Parsons, CEO of the travel website BestFares.com."

"The ripple effect of higher fares and air cargo rates could affect every part of the economy that depends on air service."

"Travelers likely will begin seeing big changes this fall as major airlines reduce service more aggressively by dropping routes, substituting smaller planes and reducing the number of daily flights on a route."
'Delta, the USA's third-biggest carrier, will get rid of up to 20 full-size jets and up to 70 small regional jets this year. It's pulling out of several cities, including: Atlantic City; Islip, Long Island; Tupelo, Miss.; and Corpus Christi, Texas.
"This month, JetBlue (JBLU) will halt service between New York and Tucson."
"Chicago-based United Airlines, (UAUA) the nation's second-biggest airline, will retire at least 30 of its oldest, least-fuel-efficient jets this year."
""There are going to be more airline failures in this environment, and they could be liquidations," says Delta Chief Financial Officer Edward Bastian."
re: "reshaping air travel"....and your lives
"Big changes" coming, to quote the above article.
If you will remember a few weeks back when American Airlines was grounding thousands of flights affecting hundreds of thousands of passengers, then you will begin to understand what the future of air travel is going to be like. As difficult as it may be to believe, the 'common people' will not be allowed to move about freely in the rapidly rising globally-governed world system. The American airline 'experiment' was apparently in fact a conditioning exercise, and, the above article is further proof of the planned consolidating of the industry into what will be a tightly controlled network which will become part of the global management system. This is serious stuff, and is without question part of the wrenching transformation that everybody is going to be forced to undergo.

This idea of limited and restricted travel is a hard reality that people do not understand. It is, as can be seen clearly in the above article, the next stage of implementation in the transformation of the U.S. into the global "regionally- governed" micromanaged system of 666 world dictatorship. And no, that's not hyperbole. If you are somebody who is now working and 'visioning' to transform your community for the so-called "sustainable" future, then you are truly in fact being used as a pawn to build this 'system', which truly will serve only the interests of the conspiratorial globalist overlords. "Sustainable" (see 'wrenching transformation) is nothing more than a transitioning method being used to 'entrap' the people under the guise of 'saving mother earth'. Wake up...the coffee's burning!

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